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Musical Taste

I have always liked upbeat music better

I recently learned that I like Baroque era better than Romantic Era classical music

I have traditionally preferred a woman’s voice for music

I usually listen to my music on low volume

Like to buy my music rather than stream or rent it


I don’t like wild parties or games that require thinking

I have not watched TV for over a year

Science fiction has become too violent for me

I enjoy what most would call working

I can’t have pets because I cannot remember to feed them

I don’t drive a car because my mind wanders too much

I know how but do not have the energy to meditate

I also have trouble relaxing

I am glad I live in the Pacific Northwest

I actually enjoy the rain and dark skies

Reading Preferences and History Ideas

I don’t want to travel far

But I enjoy reading about other places and times

I still have hundreds of books on my reading list

Most of my text books are now digital

My favorite writers of all are all philosophers or mystics

I like to read history and religion concerning Asia, Europe, and Africa

The Americas never really interested me for in depth study

I find the 19th century depressing worldwide and over studied

So I try to find books written or written about times before the 19th century (during the premodern and early modern periods)

I have new respect and interest in Eastern Europe after reading about its Renaissance era history

I think more study of Central and Eastern Europe plus the empires of the Dutch and Portuguese would help people understand European history better

I am one fo the few intellectuals that still believes Africa is important

I believe it is central to the future of the church and Biblical prophecy

I believe that Ethiopia has been given the promises first made to Israel in the Old Testament

I have learned a number of years ago that the Christians had a similar kind of persecution in the Middle East, North Africa, Persia, and Southeastern Europe as Jewish people have in Europe for centuries

This persecution starting getting bad about the year 1000 AD and continued to get worse until many of the Middle Eastern Christians held out in the mountains between Iraq and Iran after the Mongol Invasions

For 30 years between the 2 World Wars 1/3 of the Armenian people were killed and 2/3 of the Assyrian people

I have recently lost respect for the State of Israel due to their behavior regarding assisting the US in running a world police corporation

And specifically for deliberately spreading malware that is hitting small communities in around the world and causing pain in rural America

Personal Psychology

I used to find sunsets depressing

I find I am happier mid-project

I look about 10 years younger than I am

I have grown a beard over the last few years as I have never been good at keeping my face clean shaven

I have also been said to have a pleasant laugh and nice smile

I have a very slap stick sense of humor

And I enjoy making people laugh

I had an outgoing friendly personality when I was a kid

Now I have a more emotional and artistic temperament

I think cows are cool

And I still try not to eat beef because of that

I have many bookcases full of stuffed toys

Most people describe me as a very religious person

I have been obsessed with humility since high school

The military then intensified this feeling

After serving in the military a short while I never wanted to become famous or be any kind of leader

After the military I also decided to take fewer risks in life Having Schizophrenia makes my life challenging because it is a very lonely disease and it makes you very tired (especially with the medicine)

I have always felt myself lucky that I was not injured worse in the military than I was

I have come to terms with the possibility that I will never find romantic love in my lifetime

I keep the light low in my house

Self Improvement

I just organized my house after living in it for several years

I still don’t put any of my pictures on the wall

I have just started walking long distances again

I pull my back muscles when I engage in an lifting

And I get very hot and sweaty when I clean my house

I love to color code things

I recently got bright colored cases for my electronics

There is enough battery power for a days worth of use

I have been closer to my family the last few years

My parents have also given me great feedback only writing, graphics, and website over the years

I have also made a bigger effort to study the Bible and listen to Christian music the last few years

My Philosophical Ideas

I was drawn into philosophy because I could not find any self help book that was really helpful

I have been calling my positions in politics apocalyptic as liberal does not provide an accurate and useful enough meaning for my views

I believe that our greatest problem worldwide is global warming

I found that I can embrace the world bad as it is and still find joy in life

I do this by shifting my focus on self improvement rather than worry about convincing others of things they are not willing to change

One of the books that helped steer me in the right direction was Eat, Pray, Love

I ended up combining 2 different schools of philosophy, Christian Existentialism and Philosophical Taoism

I work hard to make sure everything I create that I put on my website makes sense within these philosophies

The summation of my website theme is making things clear and concise in all areas of my life including the website

I do not speak very clearly plus I speak very fast so I have a hard time communicating by voice

That may be why I write so much

I have some unusual view for being a Bible believing Christian in contemporary America

But my general areas of disagreement are cultural and political and I agree with their core theology

Many people fear death but I think it is like waking up from a dream by Ben Huot

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