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As a kid, we played with toy soldiers
When we were young, we collected pocket knives
Today those are considered weapons
Now some are afraid of all boys and men

Violence obviously doesn’t solve things
Stalking and bullying doesn’t either
But some people still think wars do
Some people also think prisons work

Maybe we just need a break from reality
The day to day living that wears us out
Maybe a vacation in our own homes
A vacation from all our electronic devices

Reality is what you make of it
Reality is what you want it to be
No it is really just what the powers that be say
You can find it on any website

Truth may be stranger than fiction
But often truth is a matter of perspective
And fiction sometimes more true than fact
If only someone was honest and cared

A philosopher seeks truth
A religion provides truth
A prophet fights for truth
The critic knows no truth

We are so ready to fight and die
Maybe because life is so hard
If we were more critical of ourselves
We could admit we are sometimes wrong

Maybe admission of fallibility
Is what religion and society need most
We need to be willing to take it back
When others get offended

We need to be humble enough to be kind
We need to apologize when we are wrong
And restore things we destroy
It is easy to create problems and harder to solve them

How is it that our perspective
Is the only one we believe
How can truth be universal
When no one can agree on anything

How can we stop fighting
And find common ground
If we cannot be quiet enough
To hear the other person’s speech

We are so trained in debate techniques
And so sure of ourselves
There is no room for growth
And no ability to learn new things

It is hard to teach someone
Who already know everything
The more you learn
The more you realize how little you know

But when you do know something is true
Live like your life depended on it
When you know you heard God
You need to act on it right away

People spend so much effort
Trying to convince someone of their way

Who is going to say
You shown me to be a fool
So I will believe anything you say
And then believe the same for over a day

Everyone wants to convince you of something
Usually parting with your money
But people are creative with scams
Some people make money off of free things

The real scam is that nothing costs anything
The real scam is not stealing your identity
The real scam is stealing your soul

Do you ever wonder why only Americans Get the freedom to express themselves
It is because they never do
And if they did, no one would care

The world is just on giant business
The world is just one big computer
One day we will realize that we are not in control
We serve our technology and those that make it

Do you really understand how computers work
If you did you would know true fear
People talk about companies being compromised
But everything is already hacked into, monitored, seen

But the bigger security threat is not computer crime
It is not even that the criminals and the police share information
Or have the same techniques and goals
It is that we are so compromised, we no longer care

It isn’t that we weren’t aware of this all along
And we could have made it harder for them
But we just are too busy to care
We are too focused on ourselves

If God made a convincing sign for us
That no one could dispute
Who would believe even Him
And who would claim to follow Him

You cannot charge for propaganda
You cannot win hearts and minds
When people know you are lying
Even if you can prove it

If there ever was some way to be sure of anything
There no longer is
This is why I believe in the Christian God alone
The Bible is probably the one thing not compromised

The reason the Bible is not compromised is
Because no one reads anymore
And know one know the Bible well enough
To notice the difference

There have been many translations of the Bible in the last 10 years
But so few people know and many only trust the King James
This was written in the time of Shakespeare and is alike in readability
And most Christians are probably reading Spanish translations by now anyway

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