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Don’t let the beat stop
Don’t let the music fade
Let me hear nothing
But the sirens voice

The outside world is no more
The words are so sad
The streets are empty
Everyone is inside their own house

This life lies in the rhythm
Of these sheltered worlds
The wealth of the world
In one tiny little box

Music reaches its web outward
The confidence of this generation
The heart of the biggest corporation
The closest any of us has to a soul

Emptiness, emptiness, emptiness
A cold hard world
With only one heart beating
Even our blood runs cold

From the kindest Christians
To the most ruthless task masters
These angelic voices conquer entire worlds
These are the prophets of our time

To a society who has rejected God
And is afraid to fall asleep at night
Who won’t even talk about religion
And rushes to the nearest green cross

How is it that alcohol has a competitor
You see one on every corner
And the stench is powerful on the streets
The aroma of dog with bad gas

Everyone stumbling around
Out of their minds
Blank stares and empty souls
Shouting obscenities and laughing randomly

Full grown adults
Bragging of serving time
Trying to get children back
And scheduling court dates

Where are all the real men
In their man caves
Their parent’s basement
Gaming for a living

A society dominated by pastimes
What are we killing time for
Do we expect God
To drop solutions from the sky

Jobs don’t grow on trees
And money does not appear out of nowhere
Upon what name do you call
When you really need help

When have medicine and drugs
Become the same thing
When have advertising and fraud
Become the same thing

Stumble out of your beds
And stand on the street corners
You have not paid your bills
And you are no longer welcome

Why don’t we ever learn
Addiction is not the solution
It just makes the problems worse
And makes it harder to live cheap

When you are your own worst enemy
How can you expect outside help will come

If you cannot sleep or feel anything
Without the aid of intoxicants
The fix is going to be real sudden and painful
Let our kids remember the pain

To expect to live in constant happiness
Is the promise of fraudsters and false religions
You think you save money by fraud
Everyone else already beat you to it

Maybe you need to develop more productive habits
Maybe you need to trade your bad habits
For motivation to work and learn
The only way out of the debt pit

Just put in your headphones
And ignore the warning signs
Maybe it is already too late
But you can’t just drop out of life

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