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If I were in charged
I would be an adult
If I cannot have a career
I would have to find a purpose

When your goal is small
And your talent great
Forget about intelligence
You don’t need to learn anything

When preparing for a speech
I often whistle or chant
Before meeting new people
I jump on a trampoline

If you want to make a difference
Start by making a buck
If you want to be memorable
Do something stupid

When no one is qualified
Everyone is qualified
Spending time networking
Is more fun than going to strip clubs

If you do not know the answer
Answer in the form of a question
When you make a flat statement
Be sure your bank can cash it

I found the solution to the Internet
Why is everyone laughing
Is the name of a country funny
Or do I need to get elected first

If I can dodge all your answers
Will you leave me with a question
If I am a nice suitor
Will you introduce me to your sponsor

If we cannot stop fighting
Lets all join hands
If we cannot find the words
Lets not get lost in the Middle East

Who wants to find a ballot box
They camoflauge them for a reason
I wish I could be president
But then I would have to grow up

As the famous saying disappears
Whom was I speaking to
When I subtract all the clues
All I get is numbers

There is nothing wrong with somethings
A purpose has an ending
When I lose my place
I end up being 2nd in line

Does it really matter
If the speech is long enough
I just don’t want to fall asleep
Until they check under my bed

Why remember names
When you can Photoshop your email
Why learn new things
When you can Google yourself

Step into the secret stadium
And close your eyes to the anthem
Look longingly at the football
Then pretend it doesn’t exist

Why do I need to know my age
When I can set up a sun dial
Why do people ask for my sign
I just advertised yesterday

For purple questions
Undercut 5%
When you want to increase
Spend your only budget

How do you spell America
Is is the same
What am I called
Have you learned your lesson

Fear is smelling like leather
Tan is an alarming color
Why do chairs have to be comfortable
How are you sitting so close

When there is too much oxygen
Egos can’t stop echoing
Trust is so hard to lose
Why bother chasing it away

If I sound like I am repeating
Escort me to the bathroom
If I cannot end a sentence
Put in an air freshner

I am not my brotherhood
We all grew like trees
Thorns are cool
Roses smell

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