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When we think of the modern world, we think things are better now then they have ever been and will always get better. Christianity is often considered part of the modern world because of the strong connection between wealthy northern European and American Protestants. The modern world really didn’t begin until after the French Enlightenment. Napoleon was the first real atheist leader and it wasn’t until about that time that people would be considered sane even if they didn’t believe in God.

The modern world has more advanced technology than it did in Medieval Europe, but there has been more destruction and suffering in the last few centuries than ever before. This is the only time (and only in Europe and parts of America) that atheism has been socially acceptable and widespread. Most of the world today as in the past consists of poor religious people.

The white Christian is becoming extinct, but Christianity has grown more in the last 100 years than ever before both geographically and numerically. It is not surprising because during much of the medieval period, the Middle East had the biggest population of Christians and Europe did not convert entirely to Christianity until the Renaissance.

The center of Christianity is now in Africa, where both Judaism and Christianity are traditionally African. The Ethiopians (who are definitely sub-Saharan Black Africans) practiced Judaism and then Christianity from the time of King Solomon. Throughout much of the world today it is common to see poor Christians being persecuted by rich Muslims.

America is not special except for population density, geographic isolation, and abundance of natural resources like fresh water. Much of the wealth of America comes from the Native Americans taking cut good care of the environment. Most of the founding fathers were deists or likely closet atheists and most the ideas talked about in the constitution are pagan in origin. The philosophy behind it is also from atheist philosophy.

Our current environmental charities have been extremely disappointing in their actual impact. The sad thing is even though most people say they care about the environment today, there is actually much more pollution now than when people didn’t care about the environment. Since no one seems to even care about their grand kids generation or any of nature of animals (God’s creation), the motivation for environmental responsibility needs to be tied directly to its financial cost to this generation.

The real underlying problem is that even Christians try to solve our problems through war, violence, surveillance, intelligence, prison, and other criminal type behavior on the part of governments. We need to see the world as primarily spiritual and the source of our problems is our own personal decisions and behavior in our public and private lives. Prayer, taking care of those in need, and overcoming immorality is actually a better and more effective way to solve all our problems than violence.

What do communism, democracy, capitalism, imperialism, and fascism have in common? They are all human solutions. Instead of building fancier military equipment, spending more on surveillance, making the police more violent, giving corporations government money, and outsourcing the entire government, we should follow the example of Christ.

Jesus Christ would likely put in a detention center or not allowed in the country today. Christ was effectively homeless, He was from the Middle East, His ideas might sound New Age to many Christians, He was a challenge to the religious establishment, He was not powerful or rich, He was not violent, and He did not promote many conservative values.

Today we look for a hero to challenge the power that be to free us from a very bad future. The reality is that we are creating that future by making bad choices as individuals, the powers that be are actually not a significant as they or we think they are or should be, and the real way to save us is to get forgiveness for our own evil doing. Many Christians would be shocked to know that America is not mentioned in the Bible except maybe the evil world government or a place to hide out away from the evil world government. When things get really bad for us in the world and even in America, this does not mean God is coming back.

God never promised America anything, especially not modern plumbing, electricity, oil or the world system all these things are the foundation of. If the world system both police state and world economy breaks, there is no fallback, we go back to the stone age for the next thousand years or more.

The reality is that at this point most of the world population outside North America will die off in the next 50-100 years. The rest of humanity will form in Canada and Alaska and maybe Scandinavia or Siberia will be inhabitable but much warmer after enough people die off.

The thing that will break the whole system is the economic cost of global warming. Hurricanes hitting New York every year, El Nino every year, expansion of tropical insects and diseases into the United States, drying up of rivers, cults and criminals will run the “government” and many other seen and unforeseen ramifications of living in this modern world.

For good news, it will all come via prayer and be in the form spiritual things. Christianity will come back to America, we will find unity again, we will survive, and people will be just as happy or more as they are now. You will just need to use an outhouse and there will be no Internet.

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