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As far back as my childhood memories
The uncertainty only snowballs
I live in a city next to another city
Do the ones outside this county even exist

Our country’s leaders are at each others throats
They try to convince us it has to be their way
They might be able to trade favors
But the little people want blood

Too many years and too many lies
I love America but our leaders don’t
My generation is mad at what our parents did
The sad part is we are only making it worse

Why are those at the frontlines of our wars
The soldiers, the poor, and the animals
Constantly the victims and have no voice
It is not right that the few must suffer for the many

Torture, pollution, and animal testing
Are as wrong as murder, stealing, and sexual immorality
Why can we so easily decide we want a war
But cannot agree that stealing personal information is bad

You can steal someone’s wallet and serve time in prison
But gamble away a million people’s savings
And get elected to congress
If you lie to the FBI, you go serve time
If the FBI lies to you, they don’t even apologize

When congress shuts down the government
Why don’t they cut the government leaders salaries
When they cut social programs
They should also cut war budgets

When we have money to pay corporations charity
We have enough money to provide for the poor
We think our young people are entitled
But most the money goes to tanks and old people

If every other country in the world hates you
Maybe you are doing something wrong
When you vote in a one world government
Maybe you need to live in the third world

When everyone can argue any point they want
And find good reasons for conspiracy theories
How can you be so sure of your opinions
How can you know you are on the right side

When the rich and powerful feel persecuted
Maybe we have found something that works
If no one has the money to buy your products
Even the rich and powerful become poor

The poor are addicted to gambling
The rich are addicted to the stock market
The poor shop at convenience stores
The rich shop at real estate auctions

When you cannot decide what to cut
You cut everything equally
When you are in congress
You cut out the stuff for the poor

The only thing we can agree on
Is to make life more difficult for the mentally ill
The only thing we know for certain
Is our leaders are not the smart or moral ones

When the poor and sick call out to God
Does He make them fill out forms and wait
When the government helps someone
A corporation wants even more money

When there are bands of roaming poor
Do you lock them up in prison
When there are poor in your community
Do you just ship them off to other cities

What is it worth to live morally
Would you spend 10% more
To provide jobs for the third world
Or 50% more to provide a job for yourself

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