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I only have one life to live
But I also know I will live forever
My time on earth is a small portion
Of my everlasting lifetime
I bet everything on this truth
That Jesus Christ is God
I do not doubt because faith is a choice
It is not something to prove
But Someone to follow

The hard part of faith
Is not the existence of God
But continuing to run the race before us
While all creatures watch
The war is won by God already
But that does not make the battles
Any easier to fight
We struggle against more than evil
We struggle against our own black hearts
Evil forces have been completely defeated
But not the evil within us

Our minds and our hearts are battlefields
Just like a special forces soldier
We need to understand the enemy
And not underestimate him
We need to use his power against him
Like in martial arts
And launch attacks by surprise
And aided by deception
Do the opposite of what comes natural

You cannot fully deceive your own mind
Without the help of the Christian God
You must make the choices yourself
But God will have your back
The best way to fight your evil side
Is to surrender to a bigger Ally

Joining forces with God
Is like an ant asking a Whale for help
He is beyond our world
But He is also very close
He is really big and strong
But He is not a threat to us
Even though we are weak and tiny

Life is the process of faith
Not its outcome
We live in empty vessels of clay
But we live in a larger fish bowl
There is more to life than anyone can see
The secret is out
Truth is stranger than fiction

Intention is everything spiritually
Pain is everything physically
When our world shakes to its core
We know He is beside us
This is not merely an abstract idea
This is not just symbolic or cliche

Faith means nothing without a living God
Faith is real because God intervenes constantly
He breathes in hope, faith, and love
Into our hearts, minds, and souls
When you kneel before God
You surrender everything unconditionally

But God is never our enemy
Even when we fight against Him and His people
Humble yourself before God
And He will strengthen and empower you
God wants you to surrender to Him
Because He will not compel you to do anything
He wants you to choose Him as your leader
Because people destroy everything they touch

Life is too painful to live
Without knowing that suffering will end
Within a relatively short period of time
Faith gives us hope of a better existence
When we cannot hurt each other anymore
Where peace is the language
And the goal is being truly happy
Do not rest in peace
Fight on and then live forever in joy
By the power of the One Real God

No one sends you to Hell
It is just the default option
Hell is the same as the underworld
It is very real
It is described as a pile of burning trash
Maybe it is just the earth a few hundred years later

There is no purpose to life without Christ
There is nothing worth pursuing besides salvation
There are many mysteries to life but
The only real question in life is why does God forgive
The one task we have to do in this life is to
Work out our faith with fear and trembling

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