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Sometimes evil appears good
And good appears evil
That is good enough reason to pray for wisdom
That is the goal of a lifetime of learning

Why is civilization contained in words
Why are all the classics contained in books
Why is it that Christians don’t use magic
And why does the devil quote scripture

Can someone die from a paper cut
Can words be more powerful than the supernatural
Why is the Bible so powerful
Why don’t Quakers put crosses on their churches

Why does the army want no heroes
Why was God a servant and not a leader
Why does an atheist have more to prove
Than a believer in the one God

Leadership is not a reward
And serving can bring real joy
Winning the wars on earth
Distracts us from the wars in the heavens

We think we understand how to fight the war
When we do not even know what the war is about
Can you continue to fight important battles
After the enemy has unconditionally surrendered

The war is one by surrender
And the battles fought for your own mind
When the adversary is your own will
And the source of evil is you

Just like you can hear better without distractions
So you can see light better in the dark
You can understand God better
When you are alone and open to His ideas

The clearer your hear His voice
The quieter the other voices will be
The more you focus on Him
The less the world can hurt you
The more you follow His instructions
The less you will cause yourself pain

There is a way to everything
There is a time for everything
Every verse connects to some other verse
And the mind is part of a greater system
You were designed to exist in God
Separation from God is to not exist

You think living with God is painful
You don’t want to try it without Him
Just because you are mad at God
You will not suffer any less

You cannot understand God
Through human systems of thinking
And you cannot use human methods
To do God’s will on earth

Just because the word Christian
Is plastered all over your work
Does not make it any more Christian
Than putting a cross in a mosque

We need to stop trying to be compatible with the Bible
And try to be a mystery to the world
We need to stop trying to have our own way in the world
And choose God in the quiet places of our minds

We chase our tails in Church reformation
But we ignore the fundamentals of our faith
The fundamentals of Christianity are faith, hope, and love
They are the only things still relevant in Heaven
Anything else you cultivate will die with this world
There is nothing else worth living for

In any belief system there is a code of morality
Written down by a wise person
In Christianity, the belief system is written down within us
And the code of morality is the life of Christ on earth

If you cannot see how what you are doing is like Christ
Or you are popular on earth
Maybe you need to search for what Christ did
And flee from the disease of pride

If you cannot understand the Gospels
Then read the Letters of Paul
If you cannot understand the Old Testament
Read the Prophets and the Psalms

If you are trying to create something with money
Or convince people to build something great
Was anyone in the New Testament rich
And was anyone in the New Testament popular

We think it is hard to follow Christ in America
Imagine how it must be in the Middle East
We think life is depressing in the US
Maybe we should visit Africa

If we didn’t have earth to compare it to
We probably wouldn’t appreciate Heaven
If we don’t battle evil in our own minds
We won’t be very popular in Heaven

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