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The ink is blood red
The ink is on fire
As the pen turns, the blood spurts
As the pen bleeds, the pages burn

Dance pen, dance
Why do you bleed all over
Spin pages, spin
Why do you smell of soot

Like a slithering snake
The blood ink dribbles down
Like a mouth watering
At the smell of fresh cut pine

Burning as bright as an old Christmas tree
The dangling shiny balls
With those little people trapped inside
All caged in broken gold glass

The Christmas story is as bloody
As the turkey without a head
We eat ham at both Christmas and Easter
Christians use the color red for a reason

The winter sunset glows light red
And the clouds dance across the sky
Making signs with our imaginations
How the sky reflects our minds

Pitch black inky skies
Are smeared across the heavens
A sunset colored rainbow
Pink to orange to red to purple to blue to black

Each color mixing day and night
Bleeding across the atmosphere
Satellites catch the light
Beaming back ones and zeroes

The moon is cut in half
Does it hurt
Where is the blood
In the sunset

A sharp nose dive
The bald eagle races downward
Increasing at an increasing rate
A near miss with the ground

The funeral is composed
With a feather pen
Made from the eagle’s wings
If only the death would end the bleeding

Red letters roll off the tongue
Red memories of God
He who speaks from the fire
Whose blood speaks louder than a rock concert

Iron sharpens iron
The Bible speaks for itself
Just don’t be afraid to get cut
And bleed over its pages

The Bible is a sword, so to speak
But there is no handle
To protect your hands from the blade
Or your heart from judgement

Let Gods words burn in your heart
Like a living flame burning a tattoo
Words not symbols
And of blood, not ink

To avoid smearing the words on the paper
Be sure to wash the blood off first
The lambskin will work great
Just don’t touch your eyes when your tears fall

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