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The spontaneity of perfectly executed Kungfu
The romantic beauty of the American south
Fields of opium as far as how eye can see
To the rhythm of the spinning wheels of a classic car

With mask over mask, gas and ballroom
Sporting the highest quality suit made of silk
Boots meticulously polished all night
Blood dripping from the finest sword

What is it that makes something romantic
How is tragedy something to sing about
When the lyrics are so sad
It doesn’t matter whose voice carries the tune

Why is it always rainy nights
And while the fog is low and dense
Mystery and magic appear uninvited
The best backdrop for bright light is darkness

Fantasies full of pain and sorrow
Stealing, murder, and sexual morality
Who writes these things
Is depressing supposed to be trending

What if we could substitute martial arts for dance
And a drum stick for a sword
Isn’t a temperate forest in Canada a more pleasant location
And growing timber a kinder way to make money

Wouldn’t running shoes be more comfortable than boots
Wouldn’t is be healthier to walk instead of driving
A waterproof jacket would keep you warmer than a suit
Instead of a metal mask, growing a beard would be softer

The plot is mixed up
And the theme thickens
As we spin up a new cast
And bake in happier endings

When writing a book makes you hungry
Maybe you really want to be a chef
When watching a movie makes you want to cry
Maybe you prefer to participate in a charity

Not every movie is fun to watch
And not every book worth the price you paid
But eventually people stop buying
When you no longer provide entertainment

A convincing story is all in the details
An adventure rests on its believability
If you cannot stick to the facts
Stop illustrating comics

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I have worked on all this for 20 years now, while understanding that I would never make any money off of it, as my niche is too small.

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