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Some people only feel safe in a police station
To some fear is a kind of drug
I try to avoid being paranoid
As this is a painful system of my mental illness
I remember constantly being afraid in the army
It was very tiring and painful
Everyday I awake
I learn of more people watching each other
Everyone wants to know what their neighbor does
Why do you think consumers buy drones
Most companies don’t care if you buy something
Or even if you see their ads
What they really want to know is
What are your bathroom habits
And what is in your bedroom drawers
They want to know everything you do
Even where you are in your house
They follow you around the neighborhood
And keep track of everything you buy anywhere
They want your face, voice, and fingerprints
What is so valuable about this information
For legitimate purposes
Ads and crime are merging more and more
As government and business already have
What will happen when companies
Have to administrate punishments
Why is everyone watching everyone
Nobody trust anyone anymore
It is just easier to make money through fraud
Then through honest means
Just like it is easier to fight a war
When you don’t have to serve on the front lines

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