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Fixing Problems


I need to remind myself daily that I am not responsible for fixing the world’s problems. I have a profound motivation to do so because of some of the influences both at school and from extended family.

I guess a lot of people think that Americans who are intelligent and capable hold some special responsibility for fixing the world’s problems. Maybe that is why so much of the world doesn’t like Americans.

Maybe I just need to accept emotionally that I am not responsible for anyone else’s happiness or solving anyone else’s problems. There are plenty of my own problems that I need God’s and other’s help with like my mental illness.

I just wish to contribute something of value to the world (beyond just ideas about mental illness) and this makes me feel better about my place in this world and gives me peace that I have done what I can. We are all somewhat responsible for the mess we are in.

It is looking like any way the world goes now that it will be increasingly difficult and dangerous to write about what we believe even in America. I think we are beginning to see American powers that be getting nervous about the level of dissent and division in America.

We are close to a tipping point where speaking about almost anything could be a threat to someone. It can come from the unlikeliest places. The Department of Defense has now officially admitted that Internet crime is a bigger threat to national security than terrorism.

It seems a world run by peasants isn’t such a good idea after all. Public hangings were always very popular. Ironically, it is only in the modern and civilized world that people do not want to be famous. Jealousy can be very ugly.

I am so glad I am so unimportant. We are all susceptible to basic problems like illness, misfortune, and poor decisions making. Being too important just increases the number of threats to your well being. Boring times in our lives are often some of the happiest.

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