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God and People


From ever to ever
God stretches out through time
Like we stretch out in the morning
He fills the universe
Like we fill an exploding soda bottle
God is not just all powerful and all good
He is an artist and a poet

We blow our minds trying to link together Scripture
That God radically simplified to put in our languages
We fight war after war to enjoy a palace for half our lives
God created a perfect city that we can live in forever for free
We try to understand prophecy to predict the future
God spoke that to give us hope for the future
We see Scripture as a set of beloved quotations
But the word of God is a spiritual entity
More powerful than the greatest powers in every reality
We draw pictures of animals and landscapes
God created the animals and landscape out of clay
We dance and eat when we celebrate
God’s celebration is the creation of an entire universe
Each day we face the same challenges
God suffers forever for the defeat of our egos
We can barely make it through each day
God sees past ten thousand years in the blink of an eye
We struggle to remember the names of our coworkers
God knows exactly how many atoms make up each person
When we fight, we use a heavy metal equipment weighing thousands of pounds
God whispers and His enemies shake in fear
We think we our powerful because we have nuclear weapons
God perfectly balanced the laws of physics so gravity works
Fire and flight are only possible on a few planets
But Christ is worshipped across the entire universe
We think God needs us for company
But He is perfectly complete in His at least tri-part nature
We think we are smart because we can travel to the moon
God has no need to go anywhere as He is bigger than every reality
We think we are humble if we fast for thirty days
God coming to earth was a bigger drop than for us to live as micro-organisms
We can barely control ourselves enough to run a society
God has an intellect that is perfectly in harmony with His emotions
We barely take care of our families
God has created us, bails us out, suffers forever for stupid things we do, and made paradise for us
Our greatest civilizations can be reduced down to a list of rules
The Bible has never been even barely understood by the brightest minds even though it uses much simpler language
Our greatest minds invented computers and the Internet
God created the laws of the universe we use, all the materials we use, gave us all the mental capacity to do so, and the wisdom to solve the problems we created with it
When we want to fix something, we take years to make complex laws
God fixes things by telling creation to do something
We have the responsibility and authority over all animals
Only because God gave this to us
We hold God responsible for evil
The one thing we created by ourselves is evil
We may be afraid when reading Revelations in America
In Africa, Revelations is the best and most hopeful book (of the Bible)

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