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When I am weak, You are strong


Dribbles of chocolate
Many drops of honey
The tongue has a mind of its own
Our tastes are too much for us
Sometimes extreme is too much
And vanilla ice cream taste much better
How do I find my way back
When I am lost in countless tunnels
I cannot escape the incense
The siren calls like a drill sergeant
That which seems good and true
Can be nothing but a soul trap
Why do our minds wander
Even when we read scripture
Each step gets harder
Two step forward and one back
It is like a difficult dance move
And I cannot even count to 8
It is hard to do a counter move
When you have no rhythm
Each move of the game
Is driven too often by dice
If you cannot understand no
And overextend yourself
Your back gets sore
And your muscles cramp
How do we move forward
When we are paralyzed with fear
The fear that captivates our imagination
The fear that completes the sentence
Weak words and profound actions
How to I get back
To a new page and blank stare
Where chanting breaks into melody
And the beat breaks its own rhythm
What is the key to salvation
When we are deep in dreaming
Break dancing seems out of place
For a kind of martial art
But stranger things make sense
When you can never really relax
How can you feel safe alone
When you cannot trust your own mind
Unsuccessfully killing time is dangerous
When you cannot stop counting cards
But so is losing control in your dreams
And waking without inspiration
Everything is worth pursuing
Until these things start pursuing you
Strength is usually relative
And the right way is often covered in fog
Each step of writing is worth repeating
Only when there is no other way
Emotions are always tricky
When you are out of your mind

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