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A Kind of Understanding


I can easily wrap my mind around
The hard things about religion
I can understand why we have to follow laws
I can understand why we suffer
It is no wonder that fame and fortune are fleeting
That morality is more important than wealth
That we struggle in vain for so much
Which we cannot bring with us after death
The struggle to do what is right
The temptation to follow half measures
Religion as created by people has wisdom in it
But this kind of religion also brings division
This kind of religion is the source of many wars
It is not hard to accept that we will be judged
It is not hard to accept that we deserve punishment
We can see clearly the results of our own immorality
We can see clearly that the spiritual world is real
That intention is what matters spiritually
Whereas in the physical world action matters
We can explain the world through cause and effect
We can trace all suffering to our selfishness
Not all people know the literal definition of sin
But all really understand why it is so bad
The evil of the world is very real
And the utter corruption of our own hearts
Requires no imagination to accept
Reality is brutal in the natural world
But it is many times worse in the world of humanity
We can see the innocence of animals
And that God is not responsible for anything bad
The hard things to understand
Is what is worth saving in our souls
God is completely rational in all His actions
With a perfectly balanced blend of emotions
So why does He decide to be so merciful
Why does He truly care
Can you give any good reason for Him to suffer
For Him to bail us out and take our place
The one good source of news today is prophecy
Only the Bible really gives encouraging news today
With each step as a person
He struggled from birth into a cold, heartless world
He followed every law and made no mistakes
He had no lapse in judgement
He then preached a message so revolutionary
That no one can go beyond Him in message
We just cannot accept how bad things became
We cannot accept we are really in over our heads
We are literally creating Hell on earth
We willingly and enthusiastically enslaves ourselves
In creating a brutal New World Order
Where business and police are one and the same
But God broke the power of death and evil
We see war after war in every dimension of life
But the real war has already been one
The End Times only has one battle
Who is this God who created us knowing what we would do
Then submit Himself infinitely below His existence
Just to suffer for eternity for our sake
To be mocked for centuries and be misunderstood
By most of His followers and enemies alike
We are just too stupid to see the truth
We see all the pieces but cannot put the puzzle together
We need to fundamentally change the way we think
The most important thing in life is God
The biggest goal we can have
Is to love God and His creations
We think that we run the world
Or give that credit to the devil
Hollywood understands Scripture
In a way the Church does not
We hear song after song and see movie after movie
Where romantic love is what brings purpose to life
The only problem with this is this is the wrong kind of love
And it is the wrong individual and relationship
Every love song is written for God
All our good creations are authored by God
If only God can make us blind to the world
And only able to see His face
He is perfectly recognizable to us
As we were designed to be like Him
Body, Mind, and Soul
Jesus Christ, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit
He is already in many of our hearts
Why can we still see anything else

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