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A million doors in a row
Each like a bathroom stall
But well ventilated
And perfumed sufficiently
Dancing under the door frames
Looking through each one
Like a portrait of a window
When does a door become a window
When does a way of life
Become an answer to a question
But when I close my eyes
I never see the doors
The direction of the doors
Continue to rotate counterclockwise
A I ponder each choice I have made
I may consider bowing this one out
A temporary exemption from decisions
But this is not life
There are no insignificant actions
Or inconsequential thoughts
Thought is transformed into action
As quickly as we open our front door
Each morning we head out
When does our purpose
Determine our ethical choices
When does God become the Lord of our life
We submit to our fears and the laws
But when do submit to the will of God
We constantly listen to music
And it is very real to us
Why do we have such a hard time
Believing in God
Or following the whispers of the Holy Spirit
You would think that evil would scare us
And doing the wrong thing
A painful consequence in and of itself
It is not that God is being let down
When we make poor choices
it is just that we add unnecessary pain
When we do what we do not want to do
Do we ever consider the sources of our problems
Tends to be our own black hearts
How can you speak good
While listening to darkness
When we get old we remember how to read
And we learn a few things from this
As each decade passes
But do we ever learn wisdom
From any book alone
If only the crystal clear sound of modern music
Would echo in our mind
With the pulsating rhythm of our Creator
And that being part of his family
Would be sufficient to make us happy

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