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No Silver Bullet


Not all problems have a simple solution
Sometimes technology causes more problems than it solves
It is hard to change the world
If we will not really change ourselves
How can we expect our children to be responsible
If we cannot reign in our own desires to match our beliefs
What is the value of peace
Is it worth holding our tongues
Why do we have to agree on everything before we move forward
Why do we feel the need to understand all the mysteries of life before we do what we already know is right
What will it take for us to accept that we are all part of the problem
What are we willing to sacrifice to solve our problems
When will we both as individuals and as a group that at least some our ideologies are the source of the problem
When will we accept that doing what is right is generally not very popular or easy
It may seem politically incorrect to say, but out problems are not al surprising for a society run by peasants who want to live like kings
How do we think our leaders will solve these problems when we know many are criminals
And most of us vote the lesser of two evils
I’m scare for the future of our country because either direction we go in, I am not going to be welcome here
At least I did serve in the military and there still is a lot of guilt people feel
Because of their cowardice to vote for candidates that voted for the war and were too much of a coward to enlist themselves in the military

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