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What do you really want
A life of extremes
An all or nothing existence
Where there is no happy middle
What do you really want
Do you want a life free from pain
Be unimportant and boring
Do you want to not have to fight
Just to survive life

Moderation in everything
This is the key
Pace yourself as in a run
Take each day as it comes
This is not a present day moderation
Where moderation is only one addiction
This is a moderation in style of the mystics
Avoiding both pain and luxury
Which would today
Make you appear as a monk
Buddhism looks severe
But it is called the middle path
Because it is a life of moderation

Serve God or serve your addiction
If you are going to serve anyway
Serve in a way that is productive
Serve in a way that is you
Serve like it is your only job
Live your life like it is your only one
Even though you will live forever
It does not matter what the world thinks of you
It really matters what God thinks of you
It is not that we will ever earn eternity
The point is to accept reality
That we always need help
We need to be humble enough
To not live our life only for ourselves
Or only on our own

If you are going to suffer anyway
Why not accept God’s help
We do not get points for what we do
We are here to improve who we are
God does not promise no pain in this life
God does promise eternity without pain
He created us and so knows us
Unlike anyone else
God has lived a life full of suffering
As one of us among us

There is no instruction manual to life
But we have access to our Creator
Why try to reverse engineer life
Why try to make sense of existence
With improper documentation
We cannot even give good instructions
To the simple things we make
How can we claim to fix the human mind
When we cannot even control ours

Even human solutions have rules
You will never avoid the ten commandments
We must have at least thousands of laws
Even Buddhism has hundreds
You will never get past serving others
Even the world police state
Does not have absolute control
Nether does the world economy
Control all that is bought and sold

Every creation from the smallest to the largest
From within an atom to the biggest galaxies
Even black holes and quantum mechanics
Have predictability and constant behavior
Only the human creation find it demeaning
To follow even the kindest of leaders
Or even how God lived when on earth

Our lives were never our own
We get to choose everything now
But we never get to be happy
Just by paying someone or earning something
Happiness only comes from changing who we are
And we only change who we are
By changing what we do
We cannot say one thing and do another
We cannot really believe if we fail to act
Is there enough evidence to convict you
Of following the laws of God
You do not really believe
If you do not change who you are

Consider every decision in your life
As always important spiritually
How you life your life is important
Because you will never really die
You are important
Because God fights for you
Accept His help
And you never need to live alone

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