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One and Many


My weapon is singular
My defenses many
I only wish to defeat my own desires
The best weapon is the Bible
I seek defenses from everything
Threats are everywhere
Misfortune, decisions, other people
Sartre says Hell is other people
Camus says futility is Heaven
As the world becomes increasingly absurd
Sometimes your best move
Is to be more creative in your responses
If only hand grenades were really just pineapples
And knives were only used for preparing food
It seems that fear now takes many forms
It seems peace only comes from One Source
We suffer from many bad decisions
Ours and others
But we can be delivered
With just one decision
We make not only one time
But also throughout our one lifetime
We can gain perspective
Through reading, reflecting, and experiences
But perspective does not make it hurt less
The ends never justify the means
But also it is not enough to mean well
Every decision has spiritual consequences
Our bad choices hurt others
Putting your self first is an illusion
We are creations, not creators
We serve either God or money
We are not the ones in control
We are only pawns for the devil
But God wants to crown us
With eternal life
There are no other lives for us
But the life after death never ends
All will receive judgment
Luckily mercy over rules justice
Unlike in human society
God is not here to judge us
He is here to liberate us
God understands us
Because God is also Mind, Body, and Soul
Except He is greater than any problems

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