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Locks can break
Doors have seams
Deadbolts are no failsafe
Nothing is entirely secure
Things are often secured
By putting smaller things in bigger things
For every self defense move
There is a counter move
An arms race is by definition two sided
There is never a permanent solution
When fixing problems is too hard
And doing bad things is too easy
Maybe it is time to redo the entire system
At some point you have to replace a machine
No matter how well you maintain it
Everything has limits
Societies do not last forever
Even the Earth and our entire universe will end
Sometimes bad decisions hurt other people
Some things are entirely out of our control

Do not be famous
And you can avoid the worst possibilities
The best protection is having nothing worth protecting
The best way to protect secrets is to not have any secrets
One level of protection might be enough
But three or four is much better
Expect everything to fail all at once
If it can break, plan on it happening
At the worst possible time
The best way to adapt is to constantly learn
If you practice daily
You will get better as the criminals get better
Pray to God continually
And always realize there is always someone smarter, faster, richer, and the like than you
You will only be perfectly safe in Heaven
Never depend on someone else to solve your problems
Businesses are too cheap to do their jobs properly

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