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A Single Door, No More - Part 1


A door to nowhere
A light shining through
The corners and gaps
A very deliberate knock
Steady and full of commitment
A knock with no answer
A journey that never takes place
An option that is not available
A noise that is not annoying
A presence that is not there
Is it worth the cost of losing control
To let the knocking continue
And accept that I may never know
Why this door appears out of nowhere
Or why the knocking stops as soon as is begins
How do I know to answer
If I do not know who knocks
Where will this option lead
And why can I not accept the uncertainty of the journey
Or choose just not to respond for now
Sometimes it seems the door will open on its own
And this is really my one fear

We constantly fight for control
And will accept nothing less
How can we really be the ones choosing our future
When we do not even know what we really want

It is easy to spend all your money
When you go to the mall
And get inspired when you see a movie
But it is when you are really all alone
That you can be sure of anything
Or make any important decision

The thing to remember is that we are never really alone
Everything we do matters and everyone already knows
You cannot lie to yourself
And expect to sleep well at night
You cannot claim credit for what you create
When you know the only true muse is the Holy Spirit

We think as Christians that it does not matter whether there are aliens out there
But we are really the aliens of this world

We cannot accept the popular ideologies
And still call ourselves separate from the world
We cannot still count on our money and our wits
And still call ourselves people of faith

If we pay more attention to how we talk about others
Than we do about who we vote for
Maybe we could hang our heads a little higher
When we meet Jesus face to face

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