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A Single Door, No More - Part 2


What is a door to nowhere
Appearing out of nowhere
A portal to another world
The great outdoors

Don’t leave the door open
To those you don’t know
A door that is unopened
A chance encounter
Ears burning to others conversation

A Christian cannot compromise
On the ten commandments
The images we seek
Are our modern idolatry
Each time we accept a compromise
With how the world works
Just to make things easier
Or even to spread the gospel
We mix hot and cold water
And end up with something
No one wants or can accept

There is a certain poetry
To even the ten commandments
There is a subtle repetition
To the Apostle’s letters

There is hope in prophecy
Even within the judgement
Of our own world empire

There is a sense of imagery
That awakens our senses
And softens the brutal honesty

How can you memorize
What you can barely put into words
What is it like to never die
And how long is forever

As evil seems more real each day
God still softly speaks in our minds
And hope takes unforeseeable forms

Sometimes Scripture even condemns
And even this can bring hope
We need to read again and again
If we are to find God in our world

He never leaves it
But often we answer the wrong knock
On the wrong door

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