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Some Technical History


My first attempt at poetry post high school was while in the military, where I ended up writing some romantic poetry for a girl I liked while in high school. I ended up burning it during my paranoid episode (along with my plan for a Christian nation in modern Lebanon to protect Christians during the End of Times), because I believed that possible future romantic relationships (girlfriend or wife) would prefer that I not keep them. I had my paranoid episode and diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia in December of 1999.

I kind of regretted this later on (both those creations I destroyed) and it was a big reason for my push to create and distribute my last 20 years of writings. I ended up writing a set of poetry between between when I came back from the military in August 1997 and the summer before 9/11 and put it together and decided to move on into programming. I changed my mind after 9/11 and realized I had more to say. I realized over time that programming was not as essential for the Internet/future society as original content, especially free content.

At the end of my time at college, I ended up taking some electives that really stuck with me. I just took them at the time as I failed, got no passes, or withdrawals for a number of classes at the time. These included several classes in Chinese Literature, Existentialism, Ecofeminism, and the famous feminist Beauvoir. All these as studied in this classes were primarily or largely philosophy based. These were some of the few As and Bs I got at the time.

I felt like I had failed at this time in both the military and in college as I never completed with one, until I became mentally ill. I tried a number of times to go back to college or take courses at the local community college, Bible college, and public university. By around the years 2006-2007, I had accumulated enough writing for my first series of books. I published these after learning LaTeX and used print on demand technology where another company actually printed the books I designed.

These were harder than just printing them out at the local store because they were professionally bound and the entire printing process was automated and so the PDFs had to be well structured and of a higher grade than you get from desktop publishing programs. I could order them in quantities as little as 1 copy and they cost about double the cost of an average book or the same cost as I sold them at cost.

I quickly learned that people preferred them printed out if I met them in person and digitally if they found my website online and never met me. At one time I converted each e-book into as many as 20 different file formats. I finally consolidated it to the 4 different file formats I have them in today. I distributed these with my website which I could not find a permanent name for, so ended up titling it the same as my name - first and middle as no one could spell my last name correct.

Over these last 20 years, I tried many different ways of making a website but never ended up using Javascript or third party designs very often after I was able to design my own things. I spent a lot of time supporting as many browsers as possible because early on I saw the importance of security and did not want to run a computer with Windows and so could not test on any version of Internet Explorer. I feel the same way about Google Chrome today.

Internet Explorer and its incompatibilities are a thing of the past because of a combination of open source software like Firefox (Mozilla), Wordpress, and LibreOffice, and companies like Apple, Google and Amazon. Very few people now use Internet Explorer especially in China and Microsoft is now officially basing its new browser on Google Chrome or some variation on that.

Today, the dominant computing platform is no longer PCs - it is smartphones. People of younger generations have known this for some time. What many people don’t realize is the scale of this. There are 10 times as many Android phones as there are Windows PCs and most of the world got online on their own device first on smartphones.

We are currently half way through another transition of devices which are 10 times the scale of smartphones. This is what we in tech call Internet of Things and this includes smart devices like Apple watches, Amazon smart speakers, voice assistants, wireless routers, and the like.

If you are making a website today, it is only a matter of time before you will need to support the Internet of Things as the primary platform your users will be using. Javascript is likely to be on the way out because of its complexity, unreliability, security problems, poor performance, rate of change, and the killer is its not necessary for many projects. This may be unwise, but current projects plan to merge Javascript and CSS.

I still do not know why people still develop mobile apps. The one beauty of the web is my website I started back in 1998 would still work even on an iPhone or even low end Android today and probably be much better for users than how most websites are designed now. My sister proudly doesn’t use any mobile apps. Without just one big player in social networking anymore, this area will become less important over time.

No one develops new projects for Windows anymore and almost anything you needed Windows to run runs on Linux and Linux is being merged with Windows at Microsoft. There will no longer be any new versions or users of Internet Explorer and even SQL Server is running on Linux as well. If you don’t ask for something specific for your website, for any hosting company, it will run-on Linux.

Microsoft is where IBM was in the 1990s. We will be using Microsoft software until the end of time, but Microsoft may not be around or if so recognizable 20 years from now. Microsoft lost because they fought smartphones and internet of things for decades and then could not and did not want to move into that area. Fighting the future rarely works and the Internet and open source changed everything.

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Informational Website

This is an Old School Informational website

General Book Statistics

  • 2,686 pages of unique text written over 20 years
  • average of 1 essay or poem written every week for over 20 years
  • average of 134 pages written every year for over 20 years

Quick Facts About the Author and Designer

I am all of the following

I am from and live in Eugene, Oregon (America)

Website Ownership

BENjamin-NEWton's Studies and BENjamin-NEWton's 2.0 © Ben Huot 1998-Present.

Website designs and all content not marked with a specific license copyrighted, from 1998-Present.

I am the webmaster, so that I not only create everything on these websites, but also have designed and done all the technical things, to make this site work well, on a wide range of the most popular devices.

I have worked on all this for 20 years now, while understanding that I would never make any money off of it, as my niche is too small.

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