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Thank God for Christianity


I wish I never stopped running
I wish I never stopped reading the Bible
I wish I would have prayed before every decision
I wish I never would have sinned
I am thankful God will never leave me
I am thankful He always watches over me
i am thankful He holds the world in His hands
I am thankful He prevents so much suffering

Buddhism says that suffering comes from desire
And the path to fix this involves following hundreds of rules
I am glad that for God mercy takes precedence over justice
I am glad that the path to salvation is only one step
It is not that Christianity is ever easy
But no religion or lifetime has before or will ever
The words of God provide answers and support
To help get us through life's tragedies and boredom

It seems as if the world is crashing down
Or nothing is happening
But as we build patience and faith
Through our life experiences
Life spins like a top
But when it stops what do you do

There is no instruction book to being human
There is no set of steps to follow to make your life easy
You will be stabbed in the back
After giving years of good service
You will be given the greatest gift
Just when you never thought it would happening
You will work hard every day of your life
And fight the good fight faithfully
You will get sick and walk slower
You will want to give up time and time again
Sometimes God will literally carry you
When you would have to walk over coals without Him

There is a Russian proverb that says
Anything that does not kill you makes you stronger
Christianity is not about being strong
It is about admitting you are weak
The victory has already been one
Long before we were even born
But there sure are many more battles to fight
Each day of our lives

Sometimes we battle things we cannot see
Sometimes we battle things that only we can see
Sometimes we battle against reason
Sometimes we battle against our feelings
We just need to remember to ask God to fight in our defense
The only weapon we have to use is the word of God
Spending time with God is spiritual warfare

It is not through subduing our passions
That we will achieve victory
But through humbling our spirits
And submitting our body and life
To He who created all that exists, could exist, or He can imagine

We are not promised that we will be free from persecution
But we are promised paradise forever after we die
It is worth it to make it to a city
Where gems and gold are used for street stones
And there is never any pain, thirst, disease, or hunger
Where everyone will get along
Even the wolves and the sheep will see each other as a family

Where we will never cry again except for joy
Ten thousand years will be a day
Nothing ever born will ever really die
You cannot escape death
But you can escape eternal spiritual death

Sometimes it is enough
To simply praise God and thank Him
Even when we do not known what to pray

The answer to suffering is not a simple sentence
All creation, the Bible, Christ, and eternal life are all much better answers
We look to the Bible for rules
And it gives us history of God's people
We look to the Bible for punishments
And get stories of real people
We look to the Bible for a deal with God
And we are given God on earth

Aim higher than the greatest philosophers
Look to that which cannot be contained by the entire universe
But still looks like us and lived in the way we do
We live as if on a stage
In full view of all creation
So let us look past the limits of the modern world
And into the eyes of Jesus Christ

Life may signify nothing
But through God all things are possible
He can even defeat your ego
If you really want Him too
We all give up sometimes
God never does and never will

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