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Time and Morality


Continuity across time
Stretching back thousands of years
Maybe a million before
Advanced in different ways
Or like our current science fiction
Great thinkers argue with history
Prophets predict history creatively
We only had the Bible for a few thousand years
But our God has never not existed
Most of history people did not deny God
To most people the spiritual world is real
In each generation we have different problems
But most these involve sex and money
We live in a time of great evil
Most great traditions are in agreement
Can we do more than chant God’s name
As the Eastern Orthodox church does
Or do something as great as pray
Which every Christian should
We need to see past our own lives
To see what is really going on
We want to watch every detail of what happens
What do we think of being watched by others
We think we have free reign over the world
Do we even have free reign over our own minds
We only see our problems skin deep
The solution is not in our minds but Gods
All it takes is steady faith in what we ask for
All it takes is to ask for something legitimate
We are busy traversing the entirety of the planet
And ask everything to our idols in silicon valley
We learn about everything under the sun
But only get useful answers to insignificant things
Even when we think of doing something of value
We miss the point of life
We think we can get beyond cause and effect
Or redesign our own minds
We will never get greater technology
Without greater cost
Why is it that we dive ahead with science
Without question or disagreement
But cannot decide if ethics are even important
We seem to think the only things that matter
Can be done with computers better than we can do
Maybe we will just outsource our own lives
If everyone writes poetry but we cannot read
Who is going to read it
The only things we can agree on
Is we want freedom to follow our idols
In Hollywood and the race tracks
How about freedom to do what is right
We think we can transcend our lifetimes
Through science and technology
Except that we poorly understand even these
Science is like magic in many ways
We have little understanding of either
It is ironic that God made people blind
So that they can see better
And healed people while doing something even greater
Because only God can forgive immorality
Even the greatest sage could not earn eternity
Even the smartest person cannot learn how to live forever
Generations grow and fade away
And this may go on for a million more years
Maybe when we are poor enough
We won’t be able to afford more wars
Why are we so creative legally
And so stupid and limited in problem-solving
We can argue why we should get our way
But cannot find a way to stop the wars
It is hard to trust God when we cannot trust others
Except that He has both earned and deserves our trust

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