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Why I Don’t Watch Science Fiction Anymore


Political refugees fight evil doctors who gave girl Schizophrenia
While transporting things for for evil people and barely escaping with their lives

The original vampires constantly torturing members of their own family
And compelling people and other vampires to do their bidding

Earth taken over by giant cockroaches
That tried to turn the kids into ones as well

A world where electricity is all gone
Cruel dictator after cruel dictator commit increasingly evil genocides against the populations

A future world where we colonize asteroid belt and mars
And first alien life used to turn kids into monsters

A future paradise for the rich run by corporations that lets regular people fend for themselves
Poor women sell themselves as consorts who managers can do anything to to relieve stress

Kids sent to back to earth to see if it is inhabitable
People constantly in pain fighting for the last patch of green

A alien race conquering earth
The representative looks like a stereotypical devil

People constantly try to stop apocalypse but never succeed
Realize that evil person who unleashed this plague is their son

A modern day pagan version of CS Lewis’s Narnia
Where they start to have interesting adventures until another horrible tragedy sets them back

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