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Winter Sunrise


I open the door
And the night is still upon us
The stars are especially bright
And the sky is black as oil
The entire moon is fully visible
And hangs too low in the sky
The sky is turning navy blue
Fading in color to the best shade of blue
The air has a bite to it
And the cold works its way into my bones
Some of my best memories
Are in the cold and dark

Walking through bushes at scout summer camp
To get to the bathrooms
Getting on the bus to go to a speech tournament
And listening to Depeche Mode
Staying up all night at a Model UN conference
My first time with no sleep for 72 hours
A field trip to Portland
For a political club I started
A cheerleading Christmas party
I was the secret Santa for the one I later asked out
The night of my high school graduation
Not walking home until the next morning

The long walk home with rifle ready
From basic training field training exercises
My one time at a strip club
With friends while in Army training
The Valentine’s Day (Night) I arrived in Hawaii for my assigned unit
We went to a Navy beach the next day
The biggest church on Honolulu
We went out for a kind of young adults group date

I walked across town
Because I thought I had missed the last bus
Walking home from Linux club meeting
A few months before my diagnosis
And walking back from a music concert
I volunteered at in town, in the rain
Many times walking home from movies
Like at the local avant grade theater

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