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I have officially dropped,,, and and they will no longer be mine nor redirect to any of my websites. I am making things simpler and cheaper for me and less confusing for when I deal with technical people. These will eventually be bought up by entirely different people and be used for any purpose like just for ads., on the other hand, will remain mine for the forseeable future.

Many people wonder when I say I am extremely liberal, they think I want to have socialism. I am more than anything else an anti-Atheist, Anti-modernist, anti-Enlightenment, Historic and Apocalyptic in ideology, also known as traditional cross cultural values before the 1800s. The closest thing in politics is the environmental parties but fundamentally I do not believe our problems can be or will be solved through politics.

I believe based on recent history, personal experiences, intuition, and the Bible that we are the problem collectively and individually. Furthermore, I believe that based on the same sources that people will never solve these fundamental problems that cause things like genocide, terrorism, police states, and other things bad for everyone, including the leaders. We already did our best to set up a utopian society with democracy and communism and both have failed economically. The fundamental problem happened when people decided to take God out of philosophy and look to science and social science to form an ethics.

The best way out I understand is to bring God back into philosophy and leave Science with the technical aspects of running society. Our society is on its las legs and is going to break down within several hundred years. It is functionally now a world economy and police state for at least a decade now. We need to stop global warming at all costs so that the succeeding 1,000 generations will have better lives. We already transformed most of the world outside North America into unlivable environments long term.

We need to roll back our society to a level that can be sustained without using so much energy. We need to stop living like kings. We just need to downgrade and downsize by slowly winding down our economy to function without any connection to the rest of the world. We need to start moving back to paper from digital now as it will take many decades.

We need to see that the Internet is already totally out of control and we are both automating so many things that no one will have jobs, we have given criminals the power of Gods, and it is a system too misunderstood for the government to effectively deal with or people to protect themselves from. The Internet has become a parasite and an enemy just like the government thinks its people are.

I know none of this will happen, but people ask me what my solution is and they want a political one which there is no will to do and we still probably couldn’t afford to do. The are two other obvious solutions that political leaders could take. One is to just let everything happen and things will just work themselves out with natural population control methods like starvation, war, disease, insects, etc. The third option is we could just slow the rate at which things fall apart and get things set up behind the scenes until the media finally realizes what is really happening.

So what action can we now take as individuals? Pray for God’s will to be done, overcome sin in you and your families lives, become as independent as possible, know your community as well as possible, learn to deal with stressful situations and use negative personality traits and fear to your advantage, and always have extra things on hand. Prepare for death and decide now how badly you want to stay alive, after everything falls apart.

No one knows when these things will happen. Until then, the best thing to do is have no secrets, as everything secret is going come out. Do not be important or attract any attention. Everybody will know about everything. There will be effectively no security and no information will be able to be verified with any degree of accuracy. Almost everything will be free but few people will have any money. Private companies will administer justice, especially Internet ones, like Apple, Google, Microsoft/Open Source, and

Our system of justice is no longer the way it was for the preceding several hundred years after 9/11 and the basis for law as we know it will not exist, as no one’s identity will be able to be verified enough to administer justice. Computer programs will do almost every job you thought they couldn’t do, except for some of the more advanced stuff, which will still employ a few percent of its previous work force. It already matters more what device you buy then who you vote for. Computer programs are already being used to determine prison sentencing in America.

In summary, my ideas are not political in nature or can be achieved by politics. My values are not political. They come from a desire to reduce pain as much as possible. I intuitively picked up these ideas and found out later that these ideas are well though out and explained in a philosophy called Taoism and one called Existentialism. They are both in agreement in the Bible on these major issues. the Apostle Paul was the first Existentialist.

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