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Life as a Christian is not boring
Sometimes I wish it were
Christianity is always a challenge
In America today people seem to agree
That Christians are the problem
And the mainstream promotes everything
That is contrary to God

But the real exciting things of God
Are what He does in our lives
The spiritual growth and insights
That help us become better people
There is nothing more exciting than trying something new
But to change the direction of your life brings more joy

There is much talk about following rules under Christianity
But everything has rules
The rules help define areas of study
And give structure and meaning to every discipline
Math and Science and Languages all have extensive rules
And this is not seen as a deficiency
At least God is simple, consistent, and logical in His rules

God really only gives us one rule
The Golden Rule
Love the Lord your God
With all your mind and heart and soul
And love your neighbor as yourself
This rule is more a philosophy of life
Than a legal rule to do something
Even in God’s rules He is creative and personal and challenging

God is direct and we should be to when we talk with Him
God already knows what you think Him
So it is best to at least be honest with Him
I think our perception of what is interesting today is warped
We think that having fun means
Being out of control and destroying things
This life choice only leads to addiction and pain

Refraining from these kind of activities
Does not mean Christians cannot have fun
In fact one of the major commandments of the Old Testament
Was to celebrate numerous festivals
One of the Ten Commandments is literally to rest
And not work one day of the week
God introduced the idea of debts
Being forgiven after a period of 7 years
And giving the land rest
Which is good for the soil
God also created the concept of sex which
He actually encouraged
And there is an entire book of the Bible about sex

God knows like many wise people have found through the ages
That life is about balance
God also did most miracles in a peaceful and sometimes funny way
Like feeding people and having food drop from the sky
Or taking over towns by blowing trumpets
Or using an unusual chain of effects to fulfill a prophecy
God even spoke up for animal rights
When He had a donkey talk back to someone hitting it
And God is sad when cows are not heard mooing

Jesus actually wrestled with the ancestor of the Jews
And was born in the food bowl of a cow or sheep
He saved people from being tortured by making lions gentle
And allowing people to not be hurt after being thrown in a furnace
Christ healed people with mental and physical ailments
And ultimately saves us from Hell
The cost to Him is unimaginable suffering
But for us all we have to do is
Say a 1 minute prayer

Having fun is good but it does you no good if you end up
Permanently hurting yourself in the process
Reckless and fun are different things
Christian compatible pursuits vary
Almost as widely as the imagination will allow
Many famous Christians pursued philosophy, arts, music, literature, sports and all other types of games, crafts, hobbies, and the like
All these kind of things are considered Good Christian fun

God actually has us drink wine and play music in worship of Him
Some of the greatest secular singers in the contemporary music world
Started out singing and playing instruments in church services
Most churches that can afford it have elaborate activities
Designed for young people to do constructive and interesting things
For free usually and learn to relate with others peacefully and intelligently
Some of the biggest, oldest, and most successful charities and other relief organizations in the world
Are directly connected to churches

Do you know the secret thing that unites
People’s common criticisms of God and Christianity
Critics just find the most unpopular things
And exaggerate and fixate on these things

One of the really adventurous things
For those who like to take great risks
Is to becoming a missionary to another part of the world
This combines travel with learning about other cultures and languages
And helping poor people conquer injustice and natural disasters

For those more risk adverse
You can spread the Gospel in your communities and online
Certainly Christians can do things
Like skydiving and cave exploration
If they have a burning desire to do so

If there is something you are excited about
And have been for a long time
And the end results are something positive
Chances are this interest is the result of God calling you
To this field as your service to God

Studying the Bible can be fun too and can take many forms
Some people study the languages and cultures and traditions
Of the ancient middle east
To understand Scripture better
But this is just the tip of the ice berg
Christians have different opinions
On many of the major topics of the Bible
So being Christian does NOT mean
You have to choose a certain political party or social group or philosophy

God gives you room to express yourself
And the Christian community supports art, music, theatre, public speaking, as well as sports and crafts of all kinds
The major western philosophers were mostly doctors of divinity
This means that they were trained to be pastors academically
Before starting in philosophy

Some of the greatest art throughout most cultures and time periods
Was directly inspired by religion and religious ideas
Christianity is no exception
A lot of what people see when they visit
Major art and architecture throughout the world
Are different peoples’ perspective on a Christian idea
These Christian arts and architecture now serve as the base for
Most the cultural value of Europe
Even by secular standards

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