Many Roads Narrow to One Road: Benjamin-Newton Studies

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We see life as having many options
And we see many paths to God
Most of the time there are many ways
To accomplish almost anything
But there are times when
The answer is so obvious

And so we cannot evade it
We cannot go over for under it
We cannot deny it exists
We cannot pretend we didn’t see it
We cannot find a reason to be exempted

In the end there can be only one choice
We have a poor understanding of free will
We use our creativity in the wrong ways
We fail to understand there are limits to everything
The limit of free choice is that it is binary

We can choose to serve God or the devil
We are not our own
We are possessed either of the Holy Spirit or the devil
God leads us like a shepherd herds sheep
Where the devil leads us around as a wolf in disguise

I have studies many world religions
I have had several mystical experiences
I follow several philosophies
I am an existentialist
I am very creative and in many ways a cynic
But there are just some things that are clearly true
Whether you want them to be or not

The Bible may not be your thing
You may think it is too severe
You may think it is too direct
You may think it is too simple
You may think it demands too much

You will find God everywhere
Especially in the most unusual places
Even where He is not welcomed at all
God is everywhere
You cannot evade Him

You can believe whatever you want
But you must take responsibility
For the consequences of your choice
Or you decision to attempt to evade this decision

All our lives hinge on this one decision
Will you choose God and live forever
Or choose yourself and die forever

It is not about just following the rules for the sake of it
Or attending religious gatherings
Or even being a nice person
Ultimately we have to submit and follow
Either God or the devil
It is the point of life

It seems overly simple to some
It seems overly negative to some
It seems overly severe to some
It seems overly judgmental to some
The thing is that I don’t set the rules

There are a lot of things people mixed up
There is also one thing we may have “created”
Evil and suffering
Things were good in the beginning and we screwed them up

What is the original sin
Arrogance and rebellion against God
You cannot do everything on your own
And you cannot be smart enough to overcome your destiny

God created us to be in symbiosis with Himself
We cannot really work as designed without Him
This is the beginning of the fall of people
The beginning of our suffering and ruin
That we chose to separate from God

We need God because we make bad choices without Him
Have we not tried every other option under the sun
Do you think we can solve the world’s problems through politics, money, fame, wisdom, education, etc.
We exist because we were created by God
And to live a happy life we need His constant help

See the faith of Christianity is different because it is not defined by rules or learning or even changing behavior
It is known by its refusal to conform to the expectations of others
Many religions allow their followers or cultures to adapt them and change them
But God does not allow that with His believers
In Christianity there is a clear leader
That is God

We change for God
God does not change for us
God set things up all by Himself
A reality was created as a paradise

The farther we go in history
And the more we learn
The more violent we get and the worse we treat God’s creation - nature

People are not the answer
People are the problem
Our salvation will not come from ourselves or other people
Our salvation comes solely from Christ

He did almost everything Himself
But we must make a choice
And we will be forced to make a definitive answer to God’s offer
Whether we are ok with that or not

We are really lucky God is both perfectly good and merciful at the same time
God is good but also forgiving
God is good but also good to us
God is good but we are not by Ben Huot

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