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Equal Opportunity Offender

  • It is very hard for most people to accept that they are wrong about their core beliefs.
  • It is hard to teach others things that you have no experience with, their beliefs contradict your base values and you cannot accept even part of their beliefs.
  • It is common with most philosophies to accept part of another philosophy without accepting the entire thing.
  • You can be sure you will offend someone if you talk about anything people care about.
  • People who understand what philosophy is about often hate the entire discipline, because it challenges things that people thought they already had the answers to and those ideas force people to re-evaluate their core beliefs.

How to Determine What is True

  • faith
  • tradition
  • scripture
  • prophecy
  • history
  • fate
  • theology
  • prayer
  • worship
  • charity
  • volunteer service
  • religious laws
  • forgiveness
  • free choice
  • intuition
  • common sense
  • life experiences
  • divine intervention
  • mystical experience
  • meditation
  • similar methods of discovery

Summary of My Ideas

Summary of My Ideas on Religion

  1. Sin is an addiction
  2. Faith cannot be proved
  3. Spending time with God is spiritual warfare
  4. Talking to God is a privilege
  5. Pray for God's will to be done
  6. Pray for faith
  7. Thanking God is the most powerful kind of prayer
  8. You can only see the results of your prayers through faith
  9. Do not wait to understand the Bible - Do what you do understand now
  10. Christianity is the anti-addiction
  11. The Bible does not dodge difficult issues
  12. Theology is not ideal but necessary - people get strange ideas when they just believe what the Bible says
  13. God is infallible but people aren't
  14. Only God can be truly objective
  15. Most aspects of God are a mystery
  16. Most Biblical theology is based on paradox
  17. If it is God's will, the money will come without asking
  18. Make sure God gets credit for the good things
  19. We can't even breathe without God
  20. Cutting down trees to build cathedrals does not honor God
  21. If you love God, you should be kind to the environment (His creation)
  22. Just because God forgives you, doesn't mean you should continue to sin
  23. Even though God bails you out, you should still try
  24. We should be happy we have so many choices in Bibles and churches
  25. The church is a network, not an organization

Summary of My Ideas on the World Today

  1. God is not responsible for the suffering in the world - we are
  2. Problem of suffering is an emotional one not a logical one
  3. Great changes in society require great changes on our part
  4. Society is good at engineering how to do things but is not so good at determining the need
  5. We live like kings did in the past
  6. We have sacrificed resilience for efficiency
  7. The world economy is brittle
  8. World makes sense if you see it from a negative perspective and follow causes and effects
  9. Most Christians in the world are poor and being persecuted by rich Muslims

Summary of My Ideas on American Culture

  1. American exceptionalism is hubris
  2. America was founded by atheists and was never a Christian nation
  3. People now expect the world out of others but nothing out of themselves
  4. Many peoples' greatest fear is doing their job properly
  5. Science as a belief system
  6. Scifi and feminism have become mainstream
  7. Most people believe and feel things they cannot say in words
  8. Our problem is not that we don't have enough money but that we have poor self control
  9. No one owes you anything - tell this to corporations
  10. God doesn't need your money - pay your taxes and worship God
  11. Don't take out loans - save up before hand

Summary of My Ideas on Individual Choices

  1. We are our greatest enemy
  2. You can only change yourself
  3. You can always improve your situation or make it worse
  4. We don't realize how much suffering happens as a result of our sins
  5. We expect too much out of life
  6. We need to be realistic in our expectations of life
  7. What we think isn't very important is the most important
  8. People that claim to be objective are the least objective
  9. People don't change their minds due to argument
  10. I don't want followers
  11. Don't be lazy: find your own path
  12. My ideas are a way of thinking, not a formula or a series of steps
  13. Be creative in your decisions so you save time and resources
  14. Creativity is useful in any area
  15. Creativity is harder when used within constraints
  16. There are no shortcuts to peace and happiness
  17. It is easy to solve other people's problems
  18. Don't expect that other people will solve your problems
  19. Be surprised when things do work out
  20. Everyone is an individual, whether they like it or not
  21. Don't count anything too close
  22. Don't rely on just one thing
  23. Trying to be humble is the most arrogant thing

Summary of My Ideas on Other Topics

  1. Boredom is a gift - exciting times tend to be painful
  2. Intention is everything spiritually but not physically
  3. Pain is the most significant thing to you when it happens
  4. The ends never justify the means - the means determine the ends
  5. I want others to be happy, even if I can't be
  6. People that clean and maintain things are the most important
  7. There are 2 sides to any personality trait
  8. Have lower highs and you will have higher lows
  9. Plain writing does not mean simple ideas
  10. Understanding comes in mid sentence
  11. Getting a degree doesn't mean you know anything
  12. Invention is nothing - implementation is everything
  13. Simple is not the same thing as easy
  14. Think long term

Future Possibilities

Technological Revolution

Information Revolution is a Great Technological Revolution on the scale of the Agricultural Revolution and any knowledge, institutions, and areas of study that arose when we started the original civilizations will be barely recognizable in the future if they even still exist

  • written history
  • basic math
  • laws and government
  • cities
  • large scale food production
  • public projects like roads
  • accounting
  • schools of any kind
  • religious institutions
  • armies and large scale warfare
  • jobs other than hunter/gatherer

Legal Changes

Vice laws that people think don't hurt other people and Hollywood glamorizes will all be legalized

  • gambling
  • sex outside marriage
  • drug use
  • agressive panhandeling
  • traffic violations
  • bullying
  • gossip
  • dirty words and jokes

Advice for the Future

  1. be responsible and follow rules and common sense
  2. take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  3. eat lots of vegetables, take all medicines, go to counseling, volunteer
  4. keep reading the Bible, praying and going to church
  5. think long term
  6. be aware of bad signs like doing things in secret or if you have bad feeling about it
  7. if you aren't sure, don't do it
  8. avoid anything addictive or inappropriate to show to your parents
  9. avoid anything too good to be true or something that seems too easy
  10. learn as much as possible and be as self-sufficient as possible
  11. keep busy doing something productive for others, give 100%, and keep loads of savings on hand
  12. always allow much more time to do things than you think you will need
  13. obey authorities without question or complaint
  14. do not anger others
  15. be as anonymous and unimportant as possible
  16. do not trust anyone asking for money or identifying information
  17. do not break others things especially living ones
  18. forgive others for your peace of mind

Business Ideas

  1. Care about your customer and choose an area you know about things other people don't
  2. Most successful products or services of the last 30 years were designed and marketed to make something easier for the consumer
  3. There are likely no new products or services people need or want anymore
  4. Privacy and security are the key ways to differentiate your product now - no one does it but every consumer wants it
  5. Multifunctional products or services have a big advantage over single function ones in convenience and overall cost
  6. Try to cannibalize other people's products or services
  7. Do not rely on just one product or services and expect some of your products to become irrelevant fast
  8. Go into an industry that has little competition
  9. Find a product or service that is a new spin on an old idea
  10. Find a product or service that is not easy for someone else to reproduce
  11. Find the most expensive product or service in that area
  12. Find a way to make money and do not change it (business model)
  13. Target market should be people who are spending a lot on that particular item
  14. Your brand is the most important thing - without it you can only compete on price or features and will have very thin margins
  15. You need to not hire too many people and control expenses
  16. You must do well in every key business area and can fail if you are bad in even one
  17. Invest money into the company and advertise
  18. Make a website that has at least your company email and phone number, address, hours of operation, map to store and update it right away when any of those changes and always respond to phone calls and emails promptly
  19. The key to the cost of stores is location or more precisely foot traffic
  20. Sell your company to a bigger one if you can get a good price

Military Ideas

Military Training

  1. There is no way to explain what the military is like or fully prepare a person before basic training
  2. The army has a distinct mono culture and designed it this way to bring people from diverse backgrounds together
  3. The army is difficult emotionally, not intellectually
  4. Every soldier is first and foremost an infantry/foot soldier
  5. What you learn in basic training are called combat survival skills and you train on them constantly afterwards
  6. Basic training is the army's version of a psychological evaluation
  7. The army deliberately puts you under stress to simulate combat, not to be mean
  8. The point of going through a gas chamber in the army is to make sure your mask seals correctly and to motivate you to put on your mask as quickly as possible - you go to the gas chamber every year in the army
  9. The army values improvement over anything else
  10. The army was too easy in training us for combat

Military Stereotypes

  1. Service members are some of the best people you will ever meet
  2. Our military is actually as kind as they can be and still win wars
  3. The army has no choice in the wars they fight in or how they fight in them
  4. The biggest fear of any soldier is serving in combat
  5. Everyone can be called back within the first 8 years after you sign up
  6. The enlisted service member gets paid too little and the military laws are unreasonably strict
  7. Best thing for enlisted soldiers to do for advancement is get college credit
  8. Women and men train together and serve from the very beginning of their service - we need everyone we can to run the military
  9. One soldier told the Drill Sergeant he was gay and the Drill Sergeant said he didn't care and get back to work
  10. The average soldier is in as good shape as an olympic athlete
  11. The army expects you to be good at everything

My Military Experience

  1. Give 150% and follow orders immediately and you will do well anywhere in the military
  2. I was constantly terrified, tired, and trusted no one in the military
  3. I had a near death experience in the tear gas chamber
  4. I never fully adjusted to the army culture because I never even thought of changing who I was
  5. I chose the army over the other services because as I saw it as the common man's service
  6. I understood the importance of labor unions during my training in the army
  7. Nowhere is more depressing than an army base
  8. Happiness is being out of the military

Military's Challenges

  1. The sergeants have the toughest job in the army
  2. Don't apologize to a sergeant, just don't do it again
  3. Most people do not sign up for a second tour
  4. The army is a cross section of America


Why I Cope so Well

  1. Accepted I needed help from the beginning
  2. Felt lucky I was not tortured or burned alive or even had to go to combat or do torture training
  3. I had a healthy, normal childhood
  4. Never took illegal drugs or smoked anything
  5. Never committed any crimes
  6. Always on medication
  7. Great family support
  8. Great support from God as born again Christian
  9. Get more money as veteran with honorable discharge
  10. Have been able to keep myself busy
  11. Live almost completely independently

Experiencing Schizophrenia

  1. All stimuluses are intensified
  2. Causes adrenaline to go through veins constantly while medicine makes you very tired
  3. Always tired and always hungry, gain huge amount of weight due to medicine
  4. Lonely disease - stressed out in social situations
  5. Very literal and religious
  6. Often suffer from anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders
  7. Get regular episodes of depression as well
  8. Fear irrational things happening while at the same time knowing it isn't true
  9. Counseling people to overcome their fear is ineffective because you cannot out smart your brain because the brain is you
  10. Does not affect intelligence
  11. Most disabling disease that doesn't kill you
  12. Have to keep stress level low or it undoes medicine
  13. Medicine basically guarantees you will get diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease

Web Design Ideas

  1. Alice in wonderland like weird and messy design field
  2. Easy to do special effects, but very hard to center things
  3. Designs have to work on anything from business cards to billboards
  4. Making a website load fast is an entire career field of its own
  5. Websites are very brittle and can be broken very easily
  6. Everyone has to agree on what features are available and how they work
  7. Multiple entirely different and independent software engines have to display the same designs in the same way
  8. No matter what is done to make it easier, it creates different extremely bad side effects
  9. The career field is looked down upon by business managers and programmers because it isn't "hardcore/macho" enough
  10. Every client treats you like a technician and doesn't allow you to use any of the skills you learned
  11. Everybody wants to be a designer and very few people are willing to pay anything for it
  12. Best design helps the user understand the content better
  13. You need to develop the judgement to know when to and when not to follow the rules
  14. If your design is ugly, unreadable, or worse than before you designed it, you failed
  15. Design is a service industry and clients shouldn't have to know your design process, techniques, or tools
  16. Most designers do constant little changes to their designs
  17. Tracking down errors and mistakes is everyone's least favorite job
  18. I like web design, because it changes fast so that I am always able to learn new things
  19. I like the web because my designs and content are always available in their latest form
  20. Have enough experience to know what technologies to avoid and which ones to adopt
  21. Every one of my design decisions has a reason
  22. I am not dependent on any one software program to do design with
  23. I don't design for advanced users because they are only 1% of the population
  24. I haven't learned to program because there is so much free software available

Philosophical Influences


  • Apostle Paul
  • Apostle John
  • Prophet Jeremiah
  • Prophet Nehemiah
  • Prophet Elijah
  • King Solomon
  • King David


  • Chuang Tzu
  • Hsun Tzu
  • Bodhidharma
  • Dogen
  • Han Shan
  • Li Po
  • Tu Fu

Other Asian and African

  • Al-Ghazzali
  • Hafiz
  • Kabir
  • Kebra Nagast
  • Archbishop Desmund Tutu


  • Kierkegaard
  • Camus
  • Viktor Frankl
  • Tolstoy
  • Dostoevsky
  • Nietzsche

Renaissance and Enlightenment

  • Meister Eckhart
  • Erasmus
  • Montaigne
  • Berkeley
  • Locke
  • Spinoza

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