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  • Many people have come to the conclusion
  • That you can just find the truth
  • By reading from a periodical you agree with
  • That time has long since passed

There are so many ways information can get compromised

Non Technical

  • First of all there is a lot of money involved
  • Journalists want to keep their job so they write about what their advertisers want
  • Second most of the news still written by people is not free anymore
  • And the few free human written articles of any length are disappearing fast because people will not pay for it
  • Really the average person does not have adequate time to inform themselves enough to vote
  • We cannot all agree on one source of news that is non-biased
  • Journalists are not experts and they rely on experts that all have different ideas from any field of knowledge
  • As an existentialist and through life experiences I believe that people cannot be objective even if they tried and that saying you are objective is similar to saying you are God
  • So this whole European Enlightenment idea that you can always find documentation of everything powerful people want to hide is definitely not credible today
  • As we have seen with ransomware if you have enough money or power you can still secure information about yourself
  • Security is just not an option for poor people
  • There is no honest person alive today that has a chance in any position of power
  • People do not believe this because they don’t want to.
  • People believe that their world is safe and stable so they can raise families and create communities
  • But the information revolution will fundamentally alter society before it is fully worked its way into our culture to the point of their being no way out several hundred years from now (if humanity lasts that long)

Current Situation

  • Good hacking is traceless and now we have professional criminals focusing on online crimes
  • Right now we have two major systems for the most important documents for things like military, banks, hospitals, and local governments where the old paper system is very slowly being migrated to a digital system
  • Almost every computer system of value including local schools, hospitals, and city governments even in rural areas no one has heard of are being completely compromised
  • The Internet itself was never designed to be secure fundamentally and there has definitely not been any attempt at adding on security by default or encryption by default at all levels
  • Web browsers run programming code and have so many things to attack and are so vital to computing they are often a more attractive target than the personal computer itself
  • Things like portable drives, printers, cameras, TVs, clocks, microwaves, refrigerators and anything else with a computer chip can be hacked easily and are hard to secure or even update
  • Even the best and most secure system out there need constant update fix problems
  • Soon there will be almost impossible to verify anyone or any information with any certainty including for crimes and personal information
  • We now need artificial intelligence to have any possibility of detection of malware because of advanced evasion techniques like no files, no writing to drive, no central server for coordination, use of legitimate security software, updating of malware code, encryption, slight modification of other malware, creation of backdoors, using vulnerabilities no one else is aware of, tech support services for hackers, new and novel techniques every so often with national intelligence funding
  • Everyone is being surveilled in every way possible by government, criminals, tech companies, and average people all working together
  • It is very easy to spread rumors about anything and make up things about others even for little gain by the attackers
  • Then there are hackers and artificial intelligence which can write convincing articles that are not true by anyone’s stretch of the imagination
  • Both videos and articles can now be faked although seemingly genuine with very little money or time with incredible results
  • All phone numbers in the US can be faked easily and cheaply and so can every part of your web browser and all its controls
  • Almost all US social security numbers have been compromised

Aren’t Even Trying

  • Then there are data entry errors because people are not careful enough when they record things
  • Also little of our computing infrastructure utilizes even basic best practices and is so old and poorly written that to upgrade it properly would probably involve re-entering all the information plus re-evolve computers from scratch
  • Most software today is composed mostly of other people’s work with no reliable way to verify the validity and the integrity of this third party software
  • Most companies and the government actively try to collect the most information possible and lose the information to criminals because of poor security practices
  • It is also is common for passwords themselves to be stolen when a company gets a security breach and these are valuable because people use the same password for multiple sites so their entire lives can be effectively stolen and the victim is completely locked out
  • We have computer error and overuse of artificial intelligence for even things like public policy

Making Things Worse

  • We also have the fallout from American, Israeli, Russian, Chinese, Iranian, North Korean and many more countries national intelligence services where they make hacks to hurt their target country and then it is repackaged to be used by criminal hackers
  • Even national intelligence services train their members to spread false information, commit and implicate others in crimes, falsify documents, break through any security, change data at will, and even turn on their colleagues
  • It now takes few skills and little money to hack into almost anything with US government funded research and development, modern cloud infrastructure of major tech companies, the creativity of bored teens, and the motivation and criminal experience of Russian mafia
  • The criminal justice system wants to break into everything they can and aid and use services of criminal hackers to compromise security further
  • Everything now depends on electronics especially since COVID-19 Flu and now everyone that can seem to be working from home

Unworkable Solutions

  • The problem with trying to track hackers is that good hacking is traceless and hackers start their hacks by first impersonating or implicating someone else
  • In any system that requires identification for use of computerized device is subject to both the ability of others to compromise it and lock you out of your own system
  • If we did try to make a real radical measure like not allow people to delete any files the average person would be confused and couldn’t do basic things but hackers would be like gods because they would find a way around it
  • Even for people with backups the malware often destroys these first
  • Most of the threats are totally new in what parts of the software system they attack and how the hackers attack the victim and defend their malware from your security software
  • Artificial intelligence can be helpful but it can be used by the hackers as well

The Only Solutions

  • Don’t be important
  • Don’t trust anyone especially through any electronic or remote communication
  • People are not who they say they are
  • You can be a victim ever if you aren’t important
  • Don’t make anyone mad especially online
  • Change password immediately if compromised
  • Keep your important papers, numbers, and financial records in print format

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