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What is freedom
What are its limits
What is its cost
When do we get past this

When do we accept who we are
How do we know
What to choose and when
Are we really free
Freedom makes little sense

Are we free
To make just one choice
The choice to fight for control
Or give up and follow God

How do you win
If you just give up
How do you gain eternal life
With just one prayer

Is it a life of struggle
That cements our inner faith
Or is it a feeling
That hits us in the middle of the night

Did we just destroy ourselves
Or did I just blink
How do you make sure
You are not left behind

How do you control your will
If you are not in control
Does that mean God is
We struggle for God
But isn’t it He
That does all the work
The faith beyond reason
The logic of the spirit

How do we think like God
If we can’t read His thoughts
One you start the journey
How do you know when to stop
When you follow your conscience
Is there ever a wider road

If I die tonight
What is my life worth
If I live forever
Does this life even matter

Why does religion make more sense
To the foolish than the wise
Why does God forgive
The truly depraved

How do we know
How to please God
When we can barely
Make it through the day

Is religion an art
That we master with practice
Or a secret formula
That we are given silently

How is the Bible so simple
Yet we fail to comprehend
Is it that religion is
Hard to do right
Or do we just not care enough

Why would someone
Not believe in God
Why am I mentally will

In seeking wisdom
Why do we need a time of testing
If we fail so often
Why does God give us free choice

How do you accept pain in life
And never question God
If you care for the lost
How do you accept some
Are already found

When the road is most difficult
Why is its hard to see God
When pain overwhelms
Why does God not intervene

People talk of the problem of suffering
They talk about it as if
It is God’s problem
Did God create evil
Then we did achieve something
All on our own

If the goal is not to be good
What is the point of wisdom
If we are saved regardless
Why do we still pray
If life is so short
Why is it such a struggle

In each day we begin anew
But our sins still affect us
If it is wrong to worry
Why is it so hard to relax
God intervenes so much
So why doesn’t He show us

In each phase of life
Some have different problems
While some fight
The same enemy
All the days of their life

If we cannot get past sin
How do we live with ourselves
If we do not experience joy
How do we know what heaven is

If we cannot accept our limitations
Why do we have such ambitions
If someone has little to give
Why do they try so hard
If you cannot see God
Why does He always stay close

When your time runs out
Why do you fear the inevitable
How can you just accept
That people will suffer
And not try to stop it
How can you accept Christianity
And ever give up the fight

If you truly do not believe in God
Why are you so angry with Him
We think we are so logical
But most of our lives are emotional
What makes us different from animals
Is our subjectivity not our souls

Why would God create something good
He would later throw away
If He wants to save us
Surely He has a plan for animals

When we see how evil the world is
How can we accept our contributions
When we see others suffer unnecessarily
Why don’t we try something different

If we believe in God
Why does politics matter so much
If we believe God is real
Why are we so afraid of the devil

If we do not fear ourselves
Can we say we have read the Bible
If we never struggled
How could we understand how bad we are

If we never find a resolution
Can we ever get past our failures
If there is no point in life
What is the point in saying that
What is the point of saying God is dead
Does that mean we don’t exist

If science has the last word
What happens when they change their minds
If morality varies by age and time
What is the point of being good
If we cannot experience heaven on earth
How can we make it until we get there

There is a gut response to things
And there is a more educated guess
Should they be different or the same
We have emotional questions
Why do we expect logical answers to them

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