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If no one speaks for God
Then creation speaks for God

If the most important thing to do
Is to express our individuality
Why does the expression of God not count

If He is the creator
And the world is His canvas
Then we are His brushes

Do you want your mic talking back to you
Do you want your pen writing things wrong
It is as irrational to think of God as being unimportant
Then to think of the artist as unimportant

Why is His creative vision
Less important than yours

Like a computer program designed to be malicious
It appears the same as a wanted program
Because they do similar things
The difference is the intent

So it is with people
We all want to express ourselves
Which is normal and natural
But at what cost
And for what purpose

Art is useless if it has no meaning
Life is meaningless if it has no relation to its Creator

We think of God as a force in the world
But what if He were also as human as us
The real mystery of God is His mercy
Not His exercises of judgement

None of us would cooperate
With our employees not doing their jobs
If we tolerated it we would pay them virtually nothing

We are created for a purpose
Life does have meaning
The point of creation is to glorify God
The center of our world is God

And He rules in our world
It may not be obvious to us
And we have been given a lot of freedom
But God is the ultimate controller of the show

He is author, director, producer, and actor
Without Him there is no show

The storyline goes like this
The story God wrote, directed, and produced
Had a change in the hearts of its actors

No one revolted outwardly
And everyone played their parts
But not as the writer intended

They thought their ideas were essential and frankly better
They thought they could get paid more
If they compromised the vision and
Introduced new elements to enhance the show

These elements were all
Bought and paid for by the advertisers
Eventually there became so many compromises
To satisfy the advertisers
The writer was in danger of abandoning the show

But instead of dissolving the show
He bought out all the advertising
He then actually lost money on the show
Soon people realized He never made the show to make money
The actor then started conspiracy theories to explain this

What they didn’t yet realize that the writer
Was also one of the actors as well
He knew what would happen from the beginning
But wrote the show anyway

The advertisers thought they could just outbid the creator
But no matter how much they sold out to the advertisers
The writer would just cut a bigger check

This came to a showdown
The play was not going to be produced

The advertisers finally decided
The play could not be changed enough to justify the cost
So they cut their funding entirely

The actors were desperate to keep the show going
As this was their lives
The creator then welcomed them back
All He wanted was for the play to be true to its message

And then the actors realized there was no audience
And their parts perfectly reflected
Their personalities, dreams, and desires

They had been looking for a way to express themselves
But they didn’t need to do anything special
To realize this goal by Ben Huot

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