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I can still breathe
Praise God
We have had a tough year
Many have lost
The breath of life

Many are so consumed
With anger and bitterness
They barely take a breath
Before exhaling hate

We have put the economy
Through decades worth of changes
In only one year
Many lost their homes
And many struggled to breathe

In my own community
The skies literally turned
Red, orange, or yellow in color
A big nasty insect
Looms over our near future
Also orange in color

We seek an anchor
To hold us
In this time of great change
The news becomes a singularity
A choice which will unfold
As a lose-lose situation
Where have all the real people gone

We will be ok
Once we again admit
That we need God
Without conditions
With allegiance undivided

What is life
What is reality
If we find other people
On other planets
What would they think of us

The whole world pulls closer
As we continue to fight each other
Nation against nation
And those who build
Against those who destroy
Everyone and everything
Can disappear without notice

So much anger and revenge
The poor always get hit the hardest
This who sacrifice most
Are quickly and easily forgotten
And some may never be known at all
As might be best for their own safety
We question more and more
About things we one were sure of
But do we have to be so mean
And turn on our neighbors

The Internet has finally grown up
It is now the focus of
Crime, warfare, money, and hope

We have delayed many decisions
Over and over again
But it won’t belong until
We are forced to choose
Many see the future
To be the outcome of our election
But many see us as mere pawns

We are becoming a civilization
That might leave literally nothing behind
Other than our trash
Will language and writing
Survive the information revolution
People are now bored
With any form of learning
They want to be entertained
And they want huge benefits
Even though they put out little effort

The big down to the little
Are all corrupt
From the individual to giant corporations
All focused on short terms things
Like reputation or stock portfolios
Does anyone care about anything lasting
Does tomorrow matter anymore

When we think of the state of people
And the state of our planet
The one thing all our problems
Have in common is us
We Need God
Now more than ever

Let us use this time we are voting
To stop and think and listen
Stop to take a breath
And pause to reflect
The world wants us to think
We are in control of our future
But all of us are peons
In comparison to our Creator
And we only breathe because of Him

Let us spend more time with God
And less time debating each other
Let us learn from our past mistakes
But more importantly
Learn we all need God to simply live
We appreciate our country
At least with words and pictures
But how do we show we appreciate
The Creator of us and everything else

With so much destruction in our wake
We must accept our own personal responsibility
For how things have gotten out of control
We have had many problems
Going back at least thousands of years
But never have we had such
Disrespect and contempt for God

We need to dial back the criticism
When it comes to God
And have a little humility
Considering He is watching us
Can you not believe in what you cannot prove
Can we have science leave religion alone
And have religion leave science alone

We have too much respect
For many things we don’t understand
Why is it harder to believe in a God
Who you cannot fully understand
We have a lot less control over our lives
Than we want to admit
Maybe this non-pandemic can help us
See how much we need God

As we take a moment to breathe
And listen to God’s voice
Maybe we need to take a break
From assuming we know everything
Allow some doubt in what we believe in

Not in God but those other things
That we give our allegiance to
That compete with God for our attention
This other things we think we cannot live without
Loyalties to other people, causes, and organizations
That are not focused on glorifying God

Why do we need to compromise our morality
Moral responses to problems are never easy
But religion was not meant to be easy
Because life itself is not easy
Do you think being God is so easy

The most natural thing is human nature
But that is just how we see it now
Why do we need to accept this premise
When we think of law and order
Let us think of God and His will
Not that of our chosen leaders

God has already chosen us
To be representatives of Him
In our lives and our communities
God honors us be welcoming us
Into His family
It is time we honor Him
With our time

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