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How do we truly rest
How can we achieve
And reach our goals
How do we finish everything
But not have everything end
We need to look beyond
Our understanding of time
We need to be mindful
Of what we are doing now
Instead of living
For the past or the future
We need to live in the now
We give our cares and worries to God
We win when we stop the fight
We are good enough as we are
Of course we can and will improve
But we find contentment in
In where we are now
We need to come to a peace
That we have done all we can
And just accept our limitations
We need to look beyond what we do
And to who we are

Sometimes it is the simplest things
That are the hardest to accept
Sometimes the greatest things
Take up the smallest amount of space
Sometimes the things that are free
Are worth the most
Some things everyone can do
Are the most special
We can easily fall into a trap
Where we are so frustrated
With the way things are
That we cannot accept
That we cannot end them
It is not a defeat
To understand that we all have limitations
We live in a world
Where good people do bad things
And bad people do good things
There is no system
That will ever explain things
There is definitely no system
That will solve our problems
This world is full of sorrow
But God is greater than the world
We need to not hold ourselves responsible
For things we have no control over

In addiction they talk of the serenity prayer
Something like
Grant me the strength to accept the things
I cannot change
And change the things I can
And have the grace to know the difference
In Heaven as in life
It is not the sum of our accomplishments
But a journey that never ends
If you can imagine
Doing nothing and being happy
And find that peace on earth
You can start to imagine
That God is creative enough
To keep us busy forever
And knows us well enough
To know when we need to rest
Life is not the mere accumulation of memories
But about learning from our mistakes
And being content with what we are
Heaven is not the end but the beginning

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