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  • The following poem is a fantasy story illustrating many ideas in philosophy from Taoism, Existentialism, and ideas about having Schizophrenia and ideas from Tolkien and the music of Max Richter.
  • This is not meant to be about religion nor is it any account of actual history.
  • I did try to make it so it was not directly contrary to the Bible, but it is not meant to be Biblical in any way.
  • It was written in a stream of consciousness while I was very much awake.
  • Some of the events may not even be logical and have holes in reasoning as is in many stories and even many people's theories of things.
A sound in the early morning
Like a singe ray of light
Bursting in like a robber
From out of nowhere
Growing slowly
Like a child in the womb
To a young adult

Then a break in the noise
And the fall of soft rain
Another melody starts
Like a single note
From a single instrument
In the audience of a symphony

An invisible hand
Orchestrates the start of morning
The sun races across the sky
And the day is like night
Slowly fading into yellow

Did I miss the day
Lost in a dream

Sleep is a strange thing
Spontaneous and subtle in nature
Exporting us to another reality
The other side of our mind
That takes backstage
During our waking hours

When we are not asleep
We fixate on little things
Like the tapping of the rain
Upon the window
And the footsteps pacing above

But although we think our minds empty
When we dream
It is in these silent times
That our minds race
Creating thoughts and reconciling events

Emotions are more vivid
As our logical side diminishes
We experience dreams as impulses
As an older time in out history
Before the modern wold
Before even farms and cities

When the land was at rest
And it was we who were hunted
That early development in our minds
That predates our understanding of history

A reality like that of a foreign world
Where we responded to action
Without excessive thought
We need to be people who fought
Not in a metaphorical sense
But ones that struggled just to live

Where we experienced freedom
In its rawest form
Where fear was ever present
And sights and sounds were heightened
And our daily experiences
Were surreal and eventful

A day did not go by
That we did not struggle for our lives
Our minds were clear as the outdoor air
Unclouded by the factories and megacities
Our minds were so clear
That we could see even in the dark
Our thoughts took flight and emitted light

We were not separate from nature
And every experience was spiritual
We did not need to find enlightenment
As wisdom was not challenged by technology

The first tool was fire
Like a double edged sword
It cut both ways
And enemy and a friend
Much as other people, animals, and our entire world

With each step forward
Everything was new
There was always plenty of wood
And the rivers were full of fish

We did not sit down in school
We were always running
As soon as we learned to crawl
There was no need for speech
For ages sound was a luxury

We treated each other as rivals
We respected each other
But were able to respond to violence
In less than a moment’s notice

What we knew at the time
Was not like what we now write down
Even then we had no words
For most of what we felt and believed

God was very real to us
Much as He is in your time as well
We respected God
And He did not anger us

With each passing day
We looked to the stars
And just accepted His role
We knew that He was our Creator
And we were His children

We lived in a vast garden
Tended to by Him
As we grew older
We began to walk with Him
In the cool of the day

We never thought of technology
Like you do today
And our knowledge of fear
Was of merely a warning
And pain was similar

We did not fear death
As we did not die yet
What you think of now as violence
Started out just as a game
To test our skills and strength of mind

We used to leave our homes
With no locks or guards
There was no reason for walls
As no one was trying to steal
As we had no possessions

We had heard of a great city
A city of light on a hill
It was thought of as an idea
But some believed it real

The way to it was like a gate
The gate was overgrown with vegetation
And there were no people around it
It stood in the center of the garden

We knew to not go near it
Because it was our one rule
We called it the golden rule
Because from the gate it glowed
Like the golden fish in our rivers

This color was unlike any other
It was not just a color
But a mist and a living and moving thing
We approached it with reverence

From the water surrounding it
We drank for strength and vitality
Only one at a time
In each family

We had one person
Be drawn into the light
And pass on to the other side
We never heard of them again

Soon we saw a great warrior
Stand before us with a great blade
And he was surrounded with fire
With each swing of his sword

The vegetation caught fire
And we were soon left
With a patch of dirt and ash
Much like that of a volcano

We then scattered across
The entire planet
People fear death then
So many died soon after

It was hard to grow things
And we starved for many years
Without the light from the portal
The nights were even darker
And sleep was less satisfying

Even in our darkest moments
We held out hope of our Creator
To provide us a way forward
From the consequences of our sin

We heard a prophecy about a book
That would be written
That told our story
And that God Himself
Would enter our world
And defeat the evil within us

Many people wanted to join together
And build great stone monuments
And live under the rule of other people
In exchange they were protected and fed well

Those who resisted this change
Would have to fight wars
To stand their ground
And worship God instead of technology

We would not bow down to the leaders
So the cities rejected us
And we began a great migration
To the other side of the world

Some thought the world was ending
But this was just the beginning
Our descendants did not survive long
But our story did

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