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General Help for Mac OS X Users

Last Updated: Friday, 09-Jan-2015 12:32:38 PST

General Help for Mac OS X Users

If you are using Mac OS X, you most likely have everything you need. You're experience with my website will be optimum.

Ultimate Experience for Mac OS X Users

For a whole new fully immersive experience beyond just the new font and built in audio, use Firefox 4.0, Seamonkey 2.1, Google Chrome 5.0 (stable channel version), or Safari 5.1 The latest browsers will provide stunning visual effects involving high impact graphics. This is all done without any plugins (including Flash Player), without any additional graphics or slower download times, it keeps the website just as accessible as before, and only needs to be edited in one place to change or update the entire website.

I now have one unified theme, for my main/pro website, and it happens to resolve 2, of my main issues, with 2 specific versions, of 2 older browsers. The following applies, to the software mentioned below, on any size device.

The now unified theme, for the main site, will now work on Firefox 3.6 (released in January 2010) and lower just without my logo, section graphic, and ornamental people, on the top and bottom, but should be fully navigable and functional.

New Font and Built in Audio for Mac OS X Users

Also, if you are using Firefox 3.5, SeaMonkey 2.0, Google Chrome 5.0 (stable channel version), Safari 4.0, then you can see my website with the new font (which will work without any installation necessary).

Unfortunately you see that different browsers support different audio formats, which makes things more complicated, than necessary. This will likely not change, because of licensing fees and fears of being sued for using someone's unknown patents and these issues will not be resolved for many years, if ever. I have made listening to my songs and readings on my website simpler and less technical, for my visitors, by setting up my audio, to auto detect the correct version, for your web browser. If you use one of the above browser listed versions or higher, the audio on my website will automatically determine the correct file format, that works best, with your web browser.

If you are using older versions of one of these browsers listed above or any other browsers, you will have a basic or minimal experience on my website. I recommend selecting the simple format of my main website.

Help for Retina Displays

My site is also optimized, for Retina displays, or any other resolution, as all the important text is in real text and backgrounds, to that text are all, in vector format, since before the higher resolution iPad or Mac laptops were released. I have not released higher resolution graphics, for my theme supporting graphics elements, as it consumes more bandwidth and can be unnecessarily slow, over cell phone networks, or third world infrastructure.

Contrary to common myths, regular graphics look the same, as they did before and do not look bad, on the new devices. I have the iPad 3, with the new retina display, and very good eyes and can confirm that older graphics will look just fine. The real advantage, to the new displays, are the increase in readability of (real) text, which will automatically make use, of the new resolution, without any changes.

Special Instructions for Mac OS X Users

Mac OS X users won't need Flash Player for this website. If you have Flash Player installed for another browser for another website, it will work fine on my website too, but you will get better performance disabling it or all plugins, when browsing my website.

For Internet Explorer 6-8 only sites, just ignore them as the main purpose is generally to put spyware and viruses on your computer. You are lucky you don't have to use Internet Explorer 6-8.

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