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General Help for Apple iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini Tablet

Last Updated: Friday, 09-Jan-2015 12:32:39 PST

General Information

Apple has released the third generation of a new tablet device that looks a lot like a giant iPhone or iPod Touch (without the phone). It has a 10 inch screen, inch thick, 1.5 lbs, battery lasts 10 hours, and sells for $500. The iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini run most of the same underlying software as the iPhone and iPod Touch, although the interface is evolved for the larger screen. You use your fingers to navigate the device, like the iPhone and iPod Touch. But there are some differences in software availability and the resolution and size of the screen changes things as well.

It connects via WiFi, so it will work on any wireless network  like a hotspot, a wireless network at a school or office, and on your home wireless network (without any additional software, hardware, services, or contracts). I live in a medium size city and there are about 10 free hotspots, within a couple blocks of my apartment, that work perfectly, with my iPad. The battery lasts forever, as the 10 hour battery life is measured, for playing 10 hours of video. The machine turns on and off instantly. It is 10x easier to use than any other computer you have used, even if you are a Mac user.

My Website Compatibility

The iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini support a high enough resolution and is physically big enough to browse my full website, with all the bells an whistles, so to speak and will support an ultimate browsing experience. The iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini will be able to detect what direction you have it turned, either landscape or portrait, and web pages and apps will adapt to the different orientation, so you can have it oriented like a book or for watching a movie, depending on the activity, just like with the iPhone.

The Apple iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini Tablet (with iOS 7 and/or high resolution: iPad 2, iPad Mini 1, and iPad Air 1 and higher) allow for a whole new fully immersive experience beyond just the new font and built in audio. The iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini browserS will provide stunning visual effects. This is all done without any plugins (including Flash Player), without any additional graphics or slower download times, it keeps the website just as accessible as before, and only needs to be edited in one place to change or update the entire website.

Help for Retina Displays

My site is also optimized, for Retina displays, or any other resolution, as all the important text is in real text and backgrounds, to that text are all, in vector format, since before the higher resolution iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini or iMac and Mac laptops were released. I have not released higher resolution graphics, for my theme supporting graphics elements, as it consumes more bandwidth and can be unnecessarily slow, over cell phone networks, or third world infrastructure.

Contrary to common myths, regular graphics look the same, as they did before and do not look bad, on the new devices. I have the iPad 3, with the new retina display, and very good eyes and can confirm that older graphics will look just fine. The real advantage, to the new displays, are the increase in readability of (real) text, which will automatically make use, of the new resolution, without any changes.

Special Instructions for Apple iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini Tablet Users

There are some differences in the web browser, for the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini, that do not apply, to the same browser (Safari), on Mac OS X.

My website looks good in both the landscape and portrait orientations, but the formatting will change, if you rotate it (this was designed by me to do that).

Other iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini Web Browsers

The same company, that makes the Opera web browser, for desktop computers, like laptops and desktops (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) makes a totally unrelated web browser, for phones, called Opera Mini. Although the Opera web browser is an advanced browser, that used to display my website fine, until the latest version, that now makes my websites text unreadable, Opera Mini is a much simpler browser, that takes less memory. Opera Mini decides what part of the website it wants to do correctly and which parts it thinks it knows better, than the web designer, so you can get very unpredictable results.

Opera Mini's main market is for those with really slow connections and/or very slow/cheap smart phones and the increased speed comes, from increasing the compression, of images, so that they are unreadable. Basically, Opera Mini is not in the same league, as the default browsers, in Apple's and other leading smartphone vendor's products, but it will not accept the standard way of targeting this kind of less capable browser, either because it thinks too few web designers make use of this feature, or because they want to claim, that it is more powerful, than it really is.

My main website works great on the default settings with Opera Mini 6 for iPad. You will see my failsafe mode only, and without the custom fonts, but it looks great and works fine. On the Opera Mini 6 for iPhone and iPod Touch, the main website doesn't look like it is supposed to nor is it attractive, but it does work fine, if you set the settings to what I recommend, on the mobile website help section, although I cannot guarantee it will work, if and when I make any design changes. Opera Mini on iPhone and iPod Touch will work, on my mobile website version, as well any other Opera Mini 6, on other phones.

Most other third party browsers, available in the Apple App Store, should work fine with my website, as they use the same software, to display websites with, but, as of the latest current version, of iOS (4.3), the default Safari Mobile browser will give you substantially better Javascript performance, which is usually what slows down your web browsing the most.

Apple iWork Office Suite

Another additional application that is available for the iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini is Apple's iWork office suite, which includes a Word Processor/Page Layout application, a Presentation program, and a Spreadsheet application. The main strength of Apple's iWork is its quality of graphics and its ease of use. The iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini version now has the same features of the desktop and website versions and has the same file formats, and they ar enow all free with new iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Mini purchases. The interface will be significantly different. You can view my Word Processor Versions of my texts in iWork on the iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

Other Applications and Add-ons

Most of the third party App Store applications are available soon for the device. Most iPhone specific apps will work on the iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini, but they only appear in a little window in the center of the iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini, as big as the iPhone and you can double the size, if you hit the 2x option on the side, but the text then appears blurry. Most iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini applications cost $5 or less and many are free. There is already a wireless keyboard, digital camera cable connector, and cover accessories and a drawing program. You can also expand the memory on your iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini, by using an SD memory card (one of the types of memory, commonly used in digital cameras) and you can also print, from the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini, to wireless printers. There is also at least one third party application that will allow you to print from almost any printer attached to your computer if you have a wireless network shared with the computer connected to the printer.

You don't need a credit card, to buy software, for the iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini, from iTunes, or buy, from the iBook store, from your iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini. The iTunes gift cards, that come in denominations of $15, $25, and $50, can be used to purchase iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini apps and iBook books, in addition to music, audio books, and videos. You can buy these iTunes gift cards, at your local: Apple store, Mac store, grocery store, or most other stores that stock third party gift cards. You just click on "redeem", in the upper right corner of the iTunes store, and enter the code, on the card, after you scratch of the silver covering, with a coin (like lottery cards).

Device Testing

I have already tested this site on the first and third generation of the new iPad device (with iOS 5.1 and iOS 7) and have it optimized.

Final Options

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