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Why I don't use Certain File Formats

Last Updated: Friday, 09-Jan-2015 12:32:43 PST

Why I don't use Google Specific formats or MP4 Video (H.264) format.

Why I Changed My Mind About Microsoft Office Formats

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Why I don't use MP4 Video (also known as H.264)

It is still unclear, if website owners, like me will have, to pay, to use the MP4 video format, some time in the future. But the issue is irrelevant, because Comcast slows down my cable Internet speed, in order to make sure one user doesn't use up so much bandwidth, that other customers don't get their service slowed down. As an unintended result, my upload speed (the speed at which i can put files onto the Internet - the opposite of downloading) (which is typically much slower than the download speed) is slowed down and even cut off, if I upload approximately more than 1 file of 30 MB size (although I can download a 2-4 GB file easily). This 30 MB size is the smallest size, that I have been able, to create videos, of reasonable length and quality, according to my standards. Therefore, you won't see video, on my website, anytime soon.

Why I don't use Google Specific Formats

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