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Help for Adobe Problems: Solving the Problem

Last Updated: Friday, 09-Jan-2015 12:32:44 PST

Why You Don't Need Adobe

I used to recommend Adobe Reader, as it was the only PDF reader, that was available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. With latest release, Adobe has canceled the Linux version and installing the Mac version removes the web browser support, for the nice PDF viewer, that comes with every Mac. Most Macs users never install Adobe Reader, because Macs come with a better PDF reader, that works with almost every PDF. Adobe software now has more security problems, instability, and poor performance than Microsoft software.

In the latest bug fix release from Apple, for Mac OS X, most of the bugs were from just one program: Flash Player. Apple was berated, for having poor security mainly because they pre-install Java and Adobe Flash Player on new Macs, and Apple was also berated by not having the version of Flash released a week before pre-installed on new Macs. Apple has decided to let Oracle take care of Java, for the Mac, and Adobe take responsibility for Flash Player, for the Mac. Most Mac users don't need Java, for anything, as Macs are not very often used in the enterprise (big businesses), that need desktop Java applications. And most Mac users, that are aware of it, use browser add-ons to block Flash, as it is the number one cause for browser crashes, browser security problems, and enabling Flash reduces the battery life, of even Mac laptops, significantly.

Flash is mainly used for 2 things: for video and for ads. Most video, including Youtube, doesn't need Flash anymore.

Adobe Alternatives

Macs, Apple mobile devices, and major Linux distributions all have better PDF readers, that are already built in. E-books and PDFs can even be managed, in iTunes, now. Windows users have two great options, so far. You can download and install the free Foxit Reader or the free and open source Sumatra PDF Viewer, to use, for viewing PDFs, instead of Adobe Reader. These alternative PDF readers are faster, more efficient, more secure, and more reliable than Adobe Reader, and are compatible, with almost any PDF.

For Flash Player, you can download Firefox Flashblock, Google Chrome FlashBlock, or Safari ClickToFlash extensions, that allow you, to selectively load Flash content. The way these extensions work is show a box, for Flash content, and you can click on the box, to allow the Flash to run. This way, you can watch Flash videos, without having to see Flash ads. Much of the Flash videos can be re-directed, to the non-Flash versions, with the same extension, so when you click on the Flash video that has an alternative format, you get the alternative format, instead. The player, for this alternative format, is built into Google Chrome and Safari. Unfortunately Opera, even with version 11, still has no simple way, even with their new extensions feature, to block Flash content and selectively load it, by clicking on it. They claim the feature is in the preferences, but it does not work.

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