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Last Updated: Friday, 09-Jan-2015 12:32:45 PST

I am ethical in my use of software.

No Software Restrictions (No DRM)

I have never and never will put any software restrictions on any of my content.

I feel that it is wrong to put restrictions on users who follow the law because some people commit crimes. It goes back to punishing the whole class for one student doing something bad. And it is also technically impossible to restrict someone's ability to copy a file that they can read. Whenever a company adds restrictions on its software, music, videos, pdfs, etc. the people who distribute it illegally always seem to find a way to get around it very quickly. It is the average user that ends up being restricted often without their knowledge and does nothing to limit crime.

You still need to follow the correct license conditions if you re-distribute my content. I do not restrict anything via DRM but I will take legal action if you violate my licenses. I don't use DRM for broader compatibility and so people can use my content without putting limitations on fair use. I also don't use DRM and give generous licenses because I think more things should be free and I find it more proactive to create content with less restrictions rather than pressuring others to do so. If you don't like the license or the conditions, then don't use the product or service.

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