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Last Updated: Friday, 09-Jan-2015 12:32:45 PST

Audio and Video Playing Built into Latest Web Browsers

Google Chrome 3.0 and higher supports all the types of audio you will find on my website, including the standard, open source friendly, and Apple/iPod/iTunes versions.

Unfortunately you see that different browsers support different audio formats, which makes things more complicated, than necessary. This will likely not change, because of licensing fees and fears of being sued for using someone's unknown patents and these issues will not be resolved for many years, if ever. I have made listening to my songs and readings on my website simpler and less technical, for my visitors, by setting up my audio, to auto detect the correct version, for your web browser. If you use one of the above browser listed versions or higher, the audio on my website will automatically determine the correct file format, that works best, with your web browser.

Google Started a New Format War

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Other Web Browser and PDF Viewer Compatibility

For using secondary browsers, based on the Firefox Gecko or the Safari Webkit renderers, either use the latest version or a version that uses Gecko 1.8.1 or higher (released October 2006) which should provide a basic or minimal experience and Gecko 2.0 or higher (released March 2011) or Web Kit 533.16 or higher (released June 2010) which should provide an optimum experience. Note: some lesser known Web Kit browsers on Linux and the cross-platform Arora browser do a poor job of rendering my website.

And for third party PDF viewers, they must support PDF 1.4 (Adobe Reader 5.0) or higher. The PDF viewers do not have to be able to handle transparency. If you have Mac OS X 10.4 or higher or a recent version of Linux, you already have a PDF reader included that works better than any version of Adobe Reader for any of my PDFs (and most other PDFs you will find on the Internet). For Windows users, most brand name PCs that came with Windows XP and higher already have a new enough version of Adobe Reader already installed on your computer.

The only reason you should run into PDFs that won't work with these PDFs readers is if they use Flash for PDF portfolios, but most of those PDF files will be in the ballpark of 50 MB and up, or you are working with PDFs produced by professional designers or for professional design uses.

Internet Explorer 9 and 10

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New Developments: Don't Do Anything

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