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So you have a Dell

Last Updated: Friday, 09-Jan-2015 12:32:50 PST

I asked on the official Dell forums if Adobe Reader was included with their computers as a preinstallation as it makes viewing my website easier and it would be easier for my viewers if it was preinstalled.

The following is my question verbatim. I put it in the right forum and didn't say anything negative about Dell or Windows. This is my first post to the Dell forums. I even registered and gave my real name.

"Is Adobe Reader pre-installed on Dell PCs? If so, after what year?"

The following is the actual response. I am not making it up - I just cut and paste it in.

"Does it matter if Dell preinstalls Adoboe Reader, or not? If you need it, go to this link and download version 8 for FREE. Even if you have an earlier version, it's worthwhile updating to this newest version because some (all?) earlier versions have a security flaw."

So I guess Dell seems to have some sort of vendetta against Adobe Reader. How did I come to that conclusion. First, he doesn't answer my simple question. Then he says "why does it matter?" Well, Linux users and Apple users consider having a PDF reader pre-installed by default to be the norm. It would definitely help Dell's users. People could also download Windows from a player to player network or purchase it online. Then he mentions the security problems of a certain version of Adobe Reader. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black - a Windows reseller points out a security flaw in an Adobe product. Does he want me to detail all the security problems with owning a Windows PC?

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