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Why Not Use Internet Explorer 6-8?

Last Updated: Friday, 09-Jan-2015 12:32:51 PST

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Dealing with Internet Explorer 6-8

If you use a browser other than Internet Explorer 6-8, you will get much less spyware. Using another browser will help web designers because it is hard to get web pages to work with Internet Explorer 6-8. This is because Internet Explorer 6-8 is flawed in its design. This makes designing websites that work in Internet Explorer 6-8 plus all other browsers requires 2x the work for each version of Internet Explorer 6-8 you support plus all the hassles with testing.

These web browsers are free and will not screw up or slow down your computer. You can have as many web browsers, on your computer, as you want, without causing any problems. More people now use Google Chrome than use all versions of Internet Explorer combined. Two of its best features is it auto updates, to the latest version, including the Flash plugin, and that it is much faster than Internet Explorer, even on slow computers.

Why Avoid Flash even with Internet Explorer?

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Supporting and Testing for Internet Explorer 6-8

Designing a web page to be compatible with more than one version of Internet Explorer 6-8 requires you to be able to test every version of Internet Explorer 6-8 that you support, because you have to use different hacks for each version of Internet Explorer 6-8. This is because Internet Explorer 6-8 deviates from the commonly accepted ways of interpreting standards every other major browser was able to abide by (with much less money even though all the other major browsers are designed with completely different software).

Not only does Internet Explorer 6-8 not abide by the standards, but they have various levels of incompatibility (with these standard ways of doing things in web pages) with each version of Internet Explorer 6-8. Another limitation is that you have to pay for and deal with the security problems and the instability and maintenance just to test for Internet Explorer as it is Windows only. And the final difficulty is that you can only install one version of Internet Explorer on any one installation of Windows.

The way I deal with this, is to allow extra space in my web page layout, so I am not able to get precise positioning of elements like you can in any desktop publishing software or PDFs. The only reason why this website works in Internet Explorer 6-8 is due to specific direction from my Uncle Clive. I could not have figured out how to get past the complex and confusing bugs in Internet Explorer 6-8 without him telling my exactly what to do to make my layout work. I test for Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 in a virtual machine from an online testing service, so I don't need to manage a real PC for testing.

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Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11

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