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Microsoft and the Future

Last Updated: Friday, 09-Jan-2015 12:32:52 PST

Microsoft Playing the Victim

For web users who don't follow the tech news, Microsoft is in the early stages of testing a new browser (version 9) which it claims (like all the others before it) will miraculously solve all the problems of the previous one. Microsoft is trying to claim that they are the victim of their tiny rivals and that getting a monopoly on 80's technology and then stopping the development of new technologies, so that we have no choice in who we buy computer hardware and software from is desirable.

Microsoft's argument is that the only standards that matter are what they have come up with. They want to wait another 12 years to implement the new features other browsers have already added, because they some how think that purposely making Internet Explorer incompatible was something done by someone else to them, rather than self inflicted. They say that they have somehow trail blazed with their proprietary incompatibilities they added to corrupt already implemented standards like: CSS, HTML, JavaScript; so that they are afraid of getting falsely labeled as proprietary, if they implement standards before they are set in stone. The reality is something else.

Microsoft Needs a History Lesson

Microsoft claims responsibility for creating AJAX, although the key ingredient, called Javascript, was purposely sabotaged by them and the reason why it had become popular later on is that Microsoft stopped releasing new versions of Internet Explorer, so web developers could find permanent workable hacks for Internet Explorer. And for the last time, Microsoft did not get convicted of illegally using its monopoly in operating systems to get a monopoly in web browsers simply by bundling Internet Explorer with Windows. They got in trouble for forbidding Compaq from bundling Netscape (the market leader of that era) with Windows and changing Windows internals to make Netscape perform poorly on Windows.

As soon as Microsoft destroyed Netscape, they stopped developing Internet Explorer for 5 years, until Firefox started regaining significant market share. Microsoft say numbers don't matter, for measuring speed (as they are much slower than everyone else) and they decided to optimize this version of Internet Explorer, for brand new high end desktop gaming machines, that cost as much as a Mac and not on cheap netbooks (which represent most of the newer machines being bought today and recently). They also decided to stop supporting XP (the OS most of the world is using and the reason why they have the market share they do) as they are still having trouble getting people to buy, what the claim as the superior fix up, of the failed Windows Vista.

Microsoft's Vision of the Future

What is happening in the computer revolution is that a whole new generation of users has grown up and they have higher expectations of computers. Whereas my parents generation were impressed with being able to see the Olympics online, my generation expects more out of computers. The generation following mine expects to be able to use their computer everywhere and expects the Internet to always be present. Apple and Google are preparing for the next generation, whereas Microsoft wants to keep people technologically a generation behind and wants us to use computers the way they were in the 80s forever, so it can continue to sell software, that is fundamentally designed the same, for the entire future of human civilization.

This is an epic battle and it will take a long time, to get rid of the Microsoft legacy, as they continue to try to hold us back from the future, and businesses will continue to use their software, for another generation or longer, as they have invested heavily in Microsoft-only solutions. As businesses finally need to upgrade their entire infrastructure, they are going to build their next generation technology on open source software, so that they never get locked into one vendor again. Fundamentally, Microsoft wants to make the Internet as hard to use as possible, so that no other company has a chance to compete with it, as Microsoft cannot win, when everything is fair and equal. Microsoft wants there to be big hurdles, to overcome, to get to customers and doesn't want another Apple, Google, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter to come out of someone's basement.

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