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Help for PC Web Browsers and Flash Player

Last Updated: Friday, 09-Jan-2015 12:32:53 PST

Why Upgrade to Latest Version?

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Ultimate Experience for Windows Users

For a whole new fully immersive experience beyond just the new font and built in audio, use Internet Explorer 10 or 11 (for Windows 7 users - Internet Explorer 10 comes with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 11 comes with Windows 8.1), Firefox 4.0 or Google Chrome 5.0 (stable channel version). - Safari is now Mac OS/Apple Device only. The latest browsers will provide stunning visual effects involving high impact graphics. This is all done without any plugins (including Flash Player), without any additional graphics or slower download times, it keeps the website just as accessible as before, and only needs to be edited in one place to change or update the entire website.

New Font and Built in Audio for Windows Users

Google Chrome 3.0 and higher supports all the types of audio and video you will find on my website, including the open source friendly and Apple/iPod/iTunes versions.

Unfortunately you see that different browsers support different audio formats, which makes things more complicated, than necessary. This will likely not change, because of licensing fees and fears of being sued for using someone's unknown patents and these issues will not be resolved for many years, if ever. I have made listening to my songs and readings on my website simpler and less technical, for my visitors, by setting up my audio, to auto detect the correct version, for your web browser. If you use one of the above browser listed versions or higher, the audio on my website will automatically determine the correct file format, that works best, with your web browser.

Google Started a New Format War

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Working with Older and Less Functioning Web Browsers

All the web browsers, that I support, support my new font in their most recent fully tested versions.

Many Better and Free Choices for Web Browsing

You can have as many browsers on your machine as you want and they won't interfere with each other, so you can use the free Firefox for most browsing and use Internet Explorer 6-8 for those few websites that are broken.

Try the latest version of the Mozilla's free Firefox 4.0, or Google's free Chrome 5.0(Safari is now Mac OS/Apple Device only)

Learn about switching from Internet Explorer 6-8 to Firefox. This page will answer most of your questions.

Solving Windows Specific Application Installation Problems

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Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11

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New Developments: Don't Do Anything

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