Terms and Conditions: Benjamin-Newton.com and Cloudy.diamonds

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These are the me aspects of my terms and conditions for using Benjamin-Newton.com and Cloudy.diamonds.


Do not make assumptions about me. You have found someone who is unlike anyone else in the world. Not better, just different. Do not expect me to think or respond the way other people do. First thing to learn is I am not trying to make money or be famous. The second thing is that I have Schizophrenia. The third thing is that I trust no one or nothing and believe no one or nothing except the Christian God and the Bible. The Bible also supersedes anything I say.

My Opinions

I have strong opinions and state them clearly. I do not distinguish between fact and opinion. I am an existentialist in the literal philosophical sense. I see the relevant dichotomy is between spiritual and material things. My website is guaranteed to go against at least some of your beliefs. I do not mean to offend you personally but everyone will likely be offended equally. I am not trained in anything useful and so do not do something a professional of any kind would tell you not to do in any particular area.

My Audience

My intent for the websites is simply to provide a voice for people with similar experiences as mine for those who served in the military, those who live with mental illnesses, Christians, Americans, and those interested in history, philosophy, and poetry. This site is about philosophy, so while there is nothing inappropriate on this website, some of the ideas could confuse children. All others are welcome provided they follow the rules.

My Intent

I am not trying to be objective and do not want to be balanced or state multiple sides. I do ask you to come up with your own ideas and I am stating now I have no followers and am not endorsing anyone. Anyone who wants to teach you their ideas does not represent me or my ideas. I am only advocating peaceful coexistence and any war or violent references are analogies and only usually refer to spiritual warfare which means an internal struggle to be a better person and be in a closer relationship with God. I seek no harm for anyone and you will see no profanity on my website. If you are offended by the translations, they are done by computers not people so I did the best to make them formatted nicely, but have little idea what they actually say. They likely will make you laugh or think I am crazy because they are likely very literal.