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Discover my Book Divisions Terminology

Terminology, for book compilations, are, as follows: each collection includes 2-4 books, each series includes about 3 collections, each series type includes about 2 series.

The Poetically Organized Series Type includes my Main Series Sets 1 and 2 book collections organized chronologically, rather than topically, which I write first.

The Subject Based Book Series Type include in the Topical and Reference series, consists of content, from the Main series, including only the topic, or topics, specified, in the book collection title.

The final series type is called Mixed Book Series Type and includes the Special series and Periodical series. The Periodical series contain timely material like computers, that I may update frequently. The Special series includes my works that are hard to categorize, but mostly would be a great short introduction to my writing.

After writing each Main series book collection, I collect the material, on a particular topic, from multiple book collections, and add it to the Topical or Reference series, as its own book collection.

As more is written, I add, to each, of that specific Topical or Reference series, as I write about, that particular topic, after each additional Main series book collection is written. The Topical and Reference series do not necessarily include all the Main series, on a particular topic, if the book is starting, to get too long.

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