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Discover My Complete Red Letter Collection

Topical Collections

This collection contains the passages from Scripture that I have quoted from within my writings. The quotes are mostly from the parts of the Bible that you seldom hear preached on: the Old Testament prophets, the New Testament Existential passages, and scriptures focused on the protection of the weak and the poor. It is called the Red Letter collection after the Bibles that list Christ's world in red. I mark Scripture in my books in the color read.

Before Distributing my Book

Remember to read the license, before distributing. The original PDF, with no modifications, is the only one licensed, for re-distribution. Please do not offer this book, in print, or in any other file format, or make any other modifications, to the PDF file. I will take you to court, if necessary, if you don't follow the license (which is included in the first section of the PDF).

Do not add my books to any online bookstore, or file sharing service, as they usually try to convert my books, to another file format, automatically. If you want to distribute my books in another file format, I have Zip bundles by Topics, Reference, and Main Series, as well as by device type, which you can distribute, under the same conditions.

Legal Information on Sharing Website Content

Red Letter Editions of My Complete Red Letter Collection

The Red Letter Edition is 6 in x 9 in (in US Trade Paperback size), has quotes in red letters, includes graphics, and contains all formatting, including: page numbers, headers, footnotes, margin notes, and all other formatting of actual print version of book you can order. This file is meant to be read on the computer screen.

The Interactive Version has, in addition, hyperlinked tables of contents and the Interactive E-book/PDF version has, in addition: bookmarks, my web address and email hyperlinked, graphics are all vector based, and all the (free Postscript) fonts used are embedded in subset.

The Prepress Version is a special PDF with the entire fonts used in the document embedded and without any of the hyperlinks or bookmarks or anything else that doesn't print. This format is specially formatted for my publisher,, and is inferior for viewing on screen or printing out on a desktop printer.

The Large Print Editions are the same as the Red Letter Editions except the font size is 18 pt and the paper size is US Letter.

Red Letter Edition

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